Whoop whoop!

It’s A Stampede! has reached its 500th post – and all within three months of launching!

Pretty insane right?

Nah, there’s a lot more insanity floating around the world than what’s going on with this mere blog – or so I’ve been told. To be honest, I try to steer clear of grown-up news whenever I can.

But anyway, back to more important topics – the 500th post! Whoop whoop!

If you read or you follow It’s A Stampede! then hopefully you’ve been informed and entertained by the past 499 posts. And if you’ve just stumbled on the blog then… you’ve got 499 posts to catch up on! I guarantee at least 10% of the past 499 posts are worth reading.*

Anyway, you keep reading and I’ll keep posting. Meet back in another 500 posts?



*This is not a guarantee.