On Sunday, I posted news that cartoon channel/streaming service, Boomering had made a promise to donate money to the Captain Planet Foundation for every time that viewers watched episodes of Captain Planet this past weekend. Well… I know have an update for you: Boomerang will be donating $50,000 to the Captain Planet Foundation!

Boomerang set out a challenge telling would-be watchers that the more episodes of Captain Planet they watched, the more money that would be donated. Planeteers clearly got the message and the total target was met!

Announcing the news via social media, the Captain Planet page said:

“Congratulations Planeteers! Your streams mean Boomerang will donate $50,000 to the Captain Planet Foundation! The Power Is Yours!”

Captain Planet

Image: ©@CaptainPlanet

How cool is that? And you always thought watching cartoons would rot your brain.

It just goes to show that working together can produce results.