Do you remember the first time you bought a Now That’s What I Call Music compilation album? Which one was it?

Now 8? Now 35? Now 50?

Well, brace yourself, the next album to receive its release is Now 100!

It’s taken 35 years, but the Now series has finally reached triple figures.

How old does this make you feel? Pretty ancient, right?

The very first Now album was released in 1983 on double vinyl LP and cassette (receiving a CD re-issue at a later date). The series moved to CD with Now 10 and digital downloads beginning with Now 62.

Over the years, the brand has launched various spin-offs (Now That’s What I Call Disney etc) and even a TV channel. Now remains one of the staples of British pop music and continues to be a best-seller, despite the decline in CD sales.

Now That’s What I Call Music 100 is available from the 20th July 2018.

And to make you feel really old, here’s the trailer for the very first Now album…