’90s animated series, The Mask has finally received a DVD release.


Warner Archive – Warner Bros’. Manufacture on Demand service – has released the complete first season of the show for $24.99. The release is available to US citizens only (boo), but UK residents should be able to track a copy down via eBay.


“When he dons an ancient Nordic mask, Stanley Ipkiss moves at warp speed, knows your every desire, satisfies your every whim and dances like a dapper demon. Based on the 1994 live action film, this animated series tells the story of sweet, socially inept bank teller Stanley Ipkiss, who discovers the magical mask of Loki that transforms him into a superhero… but one whom you may not want to call for help.


“This intriguing mix of edgy super-satire and Tex Avery-style reality smashing slapstick boldly goes further than the film and finds Stanley – and The Mask – falling into ever-more improbable perils. Madcap menaces like Baby Mask, or the man-hungry Lady Mask, Pretorious’ Sister Mask that exists to turn The Mask into a living puppet, the youth stealing Skillit and the most terrifying challenge of all – Stanley’s dog Milo as a canine Mask! Rob Paulsen and Tim Curry lend their voices to the antics.” (source: Warner Archive)

Based on the 1994 Jim Carrey and the Dark Horse comic book of the same name, The Mask originally aired between 1995 and 1997. Fifty-four episodes were produced in total, including a two-part crossover with the animated Ace Ventura series.

And for those who want a reminder of just how awesome The Mask was, here’s the opening credits:

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