Let’s start a discussion.

What movie or movie series can you not live without?

Perhaps to rephrase that question: What movie or movie series do you constantly buy and rebuy so that you always have a copy to hand?

Maybe it’s the entire Harry Potter collection that you simply can’t be without, or the James Bond films which are never out of arms reach. Perhaps it’s the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which you own on various formats and in various versions (regular, extended, super-duper extended etc) because you must, must, must have them nearby at all times.

For me, it’s the Batman Movie Anthology (1989 – 1997): Batman (1989), Batman Returns (1992), Batman Forever (1995) and Batman & Robin (1997). For no other reason than I simply adore this collection of films, I simply must have them in my possession, no matter how many times I have to keep rebuying them.

I first owned the films when I was a kid; having all four movies on trusty ol’ VHS. When I upgraded from VHS to DVD, the Batman films were quickly updated to digital versatile discs so that I could have them in my possession all shiny and new.

The DVD’s were upgraded again with the arrival of the Special Edition DVDs, which included bonus material not available on the standard versions. These in turn were upgraded again when I switched to Blu-ray.

In terms of physical media, Blu-ray is as far as I’ve gone (no 4K for me), but that hasn’t stopped me going digital. I own the Batman movies through iTunes and am currently contemplating buying them digitally via Amazon Video.


Because I barely use iTunes, but I do use Amazon. Having these films linked to my Amazon account would be handy.

Of course, I do realise there is a certain degree of insanity in purchasing the same movie(s) over and over again, but I’ve accepted I’m insane so I’m OK with this.

So fess up, it can’t just be me – what film(s) can you not live without?