This morning, I published a SPOILER FILLED post explaining what happened in The X-Files finale. If you have no issue with spoiler’s and you’re itching to know who survived and who did not, then check out the post for more details.

Of course, as with any episode of The X-Files, the final episode (My Struggle IV) posed a couple of questions – most notably, is this really it? Is this really the end of the road for Mulder & Scully?

At present, yes it appears to be. But The X-Files has been revived before, so the question fans are really asking is ‘will The X-Files return?’

If X-Files creator, Chris Carter has his way, then we will see more episodes of The X-Files. However there’s a bit of a problem at present which will delay any potential stories – at least for now, anyway.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Carter said:

“It is out of my hands. I have to wait for a lot of things that have nothing to do with storytelling and they have to do with a corporate story now being told.”

The “corporate story” that Carter refers to is of course the ongoing Fox/Disney takeover, which would see Fox taken over by Disney and therefore see The X-Files come under the Disney umbrella. While this situation is still taking place, The X-Files is unlikely to be renewed – so don’t hold your breath.

Of course, don’t rule out a return (it has happened before), but with Gillian Anderson moving on and the series coming to a natural resting point, it seems like the end is pretty much the end unless anything significant changes that. Still, should The X-Files continue, Carter believes there’s a lot more mileage in the show.

He said: “I think X-Files fans, the hardcore fans, [know] never say die. This series, when it ended in 2002, there was the possibility of another movie, which we gave them. That the television series would come back 13-14 years later [after the television finale], tells you there are stories. And I know this is true, because I have stories to tell; there are more files in those drawers.”

Perhaps the real question right now is ‘Do you want The X-Files to return?’

The US viewing figures for Season 11 have been considerably down from those of Season 10, however they have remained consistent – sitting somewhere between 5 million and 3 million viewers an episode, over the course of the ten-episode run. It would seem as though it is the same audience tuning in each week and in an age where audience figures are dwindling in general, consistency is at least a good thing.

So, what do you think? Do you want The X-Files to return, or do you think it’s the right time to call it a day? Sound off in the comments section.