Around a month ago, I wrote a post about my decision to switch from being a collector of physical comics, to becoming a reader of digital comics. During the course of the post I explained my reasons behind the switch and laid out my new plan of action as I tried (once again) to adopt this alternate format.

Well, it’s now a month on from that post and I can safely say… I have embraced being a digital comic book reader!

In fact, not only have I embraced the digital format, I have to admit, I’m loving it! Really loving it!

As mentioned in my previous post, I had tried once before – about seven years ago – to make the switch from physical comics to digital comics and at the time it just didn’t work out for me. Despite a few efforts, I just wasn’t feeling it and eventually – after a lengthy pause in comic book reading – I started picking up physical comics again and forgot about the digital platform.

This time however, things feel different and I can now say that moving forward, I am keen to expand my digital collection.

So, what’s changed?

Well, first and foremost, getting a new tablet helped.

As previously discussed I picked up an Amazon Fire 7 tablet prior to making ‘the change’ and this has made a big difference. The tablet is so much easier to hold than an iPad, far more convenient than a laptop/notepad and (in my opinion) is the perfect size for reading comics.

The second difference is the way in which Comixology has helped me build up a collection of good stories, without breaking the bank, thus giving me a reason to keep returning to my tablet. Or, at least the Comixology website has helped me – the App, not so much.

Initially, I downloaded the Comixology App onto my tablet and purchased a few issues here and there. I checked out the prices of graphic novels on the App, but as the prices didn’t seem all that different to physical copies I decided they weren’t worth the investment at this time.

And then I checked out the Comixology website.

A quick look through the Comixology site highlighted something very significant: Purchasing comics via the site is much cheaper than via the App – much, much cheaper.

I then stumbled across the sales section on the Comixology website and I discovered the savings were even better.

Over the weekend, Comixology had a number of Marvel graphic novels on sale around the £1.99-£2.99 mark. Books included the likes of Civil War, Civil War II, World War Hulk, Old Man Logan, Avengers: Disassembled, Death of Wolverine and so on – all decent books. Deciding to have a splurge, I picked up all of these aforementioned titles, as well as a couple of other books that were in the offer.

And then things got even better.

Yesterday, Comixology ran another sale, on an even larger selection of Marvel graphic novels, this time with books available for just 69p each! Yep, just 69p for a graphic novel. So, I picked up ten books for £6.90 – excellent value for hours of reading.

Within the space of a month, I’ve spent very little on the digital platform, yet have already stocked up on a heap of Marvel books. In some cases, the books were one’s I’d read previously but no longer owned, but in other cases some of the books are entirely new stories for me, so I am very excited to work my way through them.

So, what does this mean for my reading and/or comic book collecting habits?

Well, I’m currently cutting down my existing physical collection (again) – keeping hold of the comics I have some connection to and parting ways with those I barely remember buying. Once I’ve trimmed back my collection, the likelihood is will keep my physical purchases to a minimum to keep it in some kind of order.

In terms of digital purchases, I will continue buying select weekly titles, but I will of course be keeping an eye out for sale items and discounted graphic novels to fill in key storylines etc. I like the idea of dipping in and out of stories at the touch of a button and now I can’t quite understand why it has taken me this long to adopt to this format.

Does this mean I’ve completely changed my opinion and that everyone should adopt to digital as their choice for reading comics? No – not at all.

I still believe that the best option for readers is the one that works for them at that given point in time. Digital is currently the option that is working for me – but I still adore the look, feel and smell (yes, smell) of physical comics, so that will never truly go away. And nor should it.