Ever wanted to know a little bit more about the Batman Movie Anthology (1989 – 1997)? Then you came to the right place!

Over the next four days It’s A Stampede! will feature a different Bat-related post, providing you with ten factoids about an entry from the series. Today it’s the turn of Batman (1989)!

  • Did you know… Before director, Tim Burton was attached to Batman, the movie went through an exhaustive development process, which saw the project shopped around to every movie studio in Hollywood? During this time, various directors were briefly attached to the project, including Ivan Reitman and Joe Dante.
  • Did you know… When Michael Keaton was appointed the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne his casting was initially met with negativity and ridicule? Despite the backlash, director Tim Burton was convinced Keaton was the man who would be Bat. In the book, The Making of Batman, Burton said: “There aren’t many performers that when you look into their eyes you see a lot going on.”
  • Did you know… Actor Jack Nicholson received $6 million to play the part of the Joker in Batman? In addition to his impressive salary, Nicholson also received star billing on all Batman promotional material and received a percentage of the film’s box office take. It is believed Nicholson received somewhere between $60 million and $90 million for his involvement with Batman.
  • Did you know… The part of Bruce Wayne’s love interest, Vicki Vale, was originally given to actress Sean Young? Just before the movie was about to begin shooting, Young was involved in a horse riding accident and had to drop out of the movie. The part was quickly recast, with actress Kim Basinger taking on the role. Speaking on the documentary series, Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight, Young said: “In a way I look back at that particular time in my life and I go, wow I wished I’d been able to hang on to that horse.”
  • Did you know… Billy Dee Williams signed up for the role of Harvey Dent under the belief that he would get to play Dent’s villainous alter-ego, Two-Face in a Batman sequel? Speaking on the Special Edition DVD release of Batman, Williams, said: “I really wanted, desperately, to do, Two-Face. I mean I was hoping that it would segue into that and that’s what I wanted to do.”
  • Did you know… In the original script for Batman, the Dark Knight’s crime-fighting partner, Robin was a part of the movie? The character was dropped when the decision was made to focus solely on Batman.
  • Did you know… During an early scene in the movie, reporter Alexander Knox is handed a cartoon sketch of Batman signed by Bob Kane? This is a nod to Batman’s co-creator.
  • Did you know… When Batman was released in UK cinemas, it was the first film to be awarded the newly created 12 Certificate? When the movie was released on VHS the film carried a 15 certificate, as the 12 Certificate did not come into effect for home video releases until 1994.
  • Did you know… Batman’s soundtrack is an amalgamation of two very distinctive artists? The first artist was composer Danny Elfman, who provided the movie with its score, while the second was Prince, who wrote and performed a collection of songs which appeared at different intervals throughout the movie. Both artists received their own tie-in CD soundtrack.
  • Did you know… By the end of its theatrical run, Batman had become the second highest grossing movie of 1989, raking in $411.3 million at the box office? The film was pipped to the top spot by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.