Anyone who has been reading Marvel Two-in-One over the past three months will know, the comic has dropped hints that the Fantastic Four – the current black sheep of the Marvel Universe – could be returning to the pages of Marvel in the not-too distant future. But could that not-too distant future actually be May 2018?

Earlier today, Marvel released its solicitations for the month of May – setting out what comics and trade paperbacks will be hitting shelves in just over two months’ time. Titles include the likes of Invincible Iron Man issue #600 and Hunt for Wolverine: The Claws of a Killer #1, as well as the sixth issue of Marvel Marvel Two-in-One – the Fantastic Four-lite comic which stars The Thing and the Human Torch (but no Invisible Woman or Mister Fantastic).

The description for issue #6 of Marvel Two-in-One reads as follows:

“THE FATE OF THE FOUR – REVEALED AT LAST! A mad final gambit against the death of a universe! Ben and Johnny join forces with familiar friends, but will DOOM ruin everything? THE FATE OF THE FOUR will be determined here!”

Hmm… the fate of the four, ay?

Sounds pretty much like we’ll be getting a definitive answer regarding the possible return of the Fantastic Four, then! Oh and if you’re still in any doubt, you might want to also take into consideration the fact that Marvel has a number of Fantastic Four trade paperbacks hitting shelves in May too! Surely that can’t be a coincidence?

If May does usher in the long-awaited return of the FF, then I for one can’t wait! The Fantastic Four have been gone from the pages of Marvel far too long and they need to be back as soon as possible.

Should you want to check out Marvel’s May 2018 solicitations in full, then check out the full list over at SuperHeroHype.