DC Comics has unveiled seven of the covers that will be gracing the front page of Action Comics #1000, when it hits shelves in April. The covers reflect and commemorate 80 years of Superman, drawing inspiration from the past in the process.

The covers are drawn by the following artists: Steve Rude (’30s), Michael Cho (’40s), Dave Gibbons (’50s), Michael Allred (’60s), Jim Steranko (’70s), Dan Jurgens (’90s) and Lee Bermejo (’00s). Not pictured is the ’80s-inspired cover which is being illustrated by Joshua Middleton, but has not yet been released.

Images: DC Comics

For further information about what DC has planned for Action Comics as it reaches a whopping 1000 issue, check out the DC Comics website.

So what do you think about the covers? This is surely a Superman comic everyone can get on board, right?