This year, a number of long-running comic book titles reach significant anniversaries.

Over the coming weeks, Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man hits issue #300; Invincible Iron Man reaches issue #600; Captain America hits issue #700; The Avengers hits issue #700; The Amazing Spider-Man will reach issue #800; and Action Comics will hit a very, very special milestone – issue #1000! If you’re a fan of comics and you like to pick up anniversary editions, you might want to get saving your pennies now!

The first book to reach its milestone is Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man, which hits its 300th edition later this month. The “oversized anniversary epic” features the Tinkerer and the Mason and will retail for $5.99 when it goes on sale on the 28th of February.

Action Comics issue #1000 is the next anniversary issue to arrive, landing in stores on April 18th. Action Comics issue #1000 will feature nine variant covers in addition to the regular cover and will retail for $7.99.

Captain America #700 also hits shelves in April; while Invincible Iron Man #600 will land in May; and The Amazing Spider-Man #800 in June. As The Avengers is currently being published on a weekly basis, expect issue #700 to appear on shelves in July.

So yeah, as mentioned above, you might want to start saving! Expect all the anniversary editions to be longer, loaded with content and of course, a little more expensive than regular editions.