A few minutes ago, I published a post about DC Comics’ new trade paperback, DC Meets Looney Tunes – which is due in stores tomorrow. Sticking with the theme of the Looney Tunes, I thought it would be interesting to make you aware of something very, very important: The Space Jam website is still active.

Yep, I’m talking about the original Space Jam website from 1996. The website that was set up to promote the movie.

It’s still active!

And it looks exactly as you’d expect a ’90s site to look.

The Space Jam website is filled with content about the movie, from cast bios and basketball terminology, to games, production notes and even a list of US radio stations playing ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ – a Seal track featured on the Space Jam album.

At present, the Space Jam site is archived, so currently stands as a little echo of the past. How long it remains this way is anyone’s guess.

In short: If you want to revisit 1996, then you’d best head on over to the Space Jam site as soon as you can. You never know when the Jam will end.