Love live-action superheroes from the ‘90s? Then prepare to get very excited indeed, as Mattel is about to make all your wildest dreams come true.

The toy manufacturer is set to release two new action figures based on DC Comics characters Batman & The Flash. However, these aren’t your run of the mill toys, the figures will be based on the characters’ likenesses from big budget blockbuster, Batman Forever (1995) and short-lived TV show, The Flash.


Yep, the figures will be based on Val Kilmer and John Wesley Shipp, respectively and will be part of Mattel’s DC Multiverse line. The figures are taken from the Signature Collection and come packaged with replaceable hands and accessories.

Batman and The Flash are expected to retail for around $24.99 (approximately £20) each. The figures are due to hit stores later this month.

Oh and if you think these are cool (and they are), you’ll be interested to know a Wonder Woman figure is also on the way, bearing the likeness of Lynda Carter. All we need now is a George Clooney Batman figure (complete with ‘dino-sliding action’) and we’re all set.

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