In 2008, US drama, NCIS, aired ‘Silent Night’ – a Christmas-themed episode of the hit show. The episode was broadcast to coincide with the holiday season and provide audiences with some seasonal drama.

Due to the popularity of the episode, with audiences enjoying this dose of festive content, Christmas episodes became a regular thing on the show. Continuing in subsequent years, NICS incorporated Christmas episodes into future seasons, and the same tradition continued with the NCIS spin-off shows.

But if you’re new to NCIS, you love Christmas, and you want to seek out the holiday episodes of each show, what are the stories you need to look out for? And more importantly, how many Christmas episodes of NCIS are there?!

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Every Christmas episode of NCIS in order

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During the course of its run, NCIS featured 12 holiday-themed episodes of the show, while spin-off show NCIS: Los Angeles has featured 11 episodes, and NCIS: New Orleans has featured 2. If you wish to seek out all of the episodes, then simply follow these lists:


  • Silent Night NCIS: Season Six, Episode Eleven (2008)
  • Faith NCIS: Season Seven, Episode Ten (2009)
  • False NCIS: Season Eight, Episode Ten (2010)
  • Newborn KingNCIS: Season Nine, Episode Eleven (2011)
  • You Better Watch Out – NCIS: Season Ten, Episode Ten (2012)
  • Homesick – NCIS: Season Eleven, Episode Eleven (2013)
  • House Rules – NCIS: Season Twelve, Episode Ten (2014)
  • Spinning Wheels – NCIS: Season Thirteen, Episode Eleven (2015)
  • The Tie That Binds – NCIS: Season Fourteen, Episode Ten (2016)
  • Double Down – NCIS: Season Fifteen, Episode Ten (2017)
  • What Child Is This – NCIS: Season Sixteen, Episode Ten (2018)
  • The North Pole – NCIS: Season Seventeen, Episode Ten (2019)

NCIS: Los Angeles

  • Brimstone – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season One, Episode Ten (2009)
  • Disorder – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Two, Episode Eleven (2010)
  • Higher Power – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Three, Episode Eleven (2011)
  • Free Ride – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Four, Episode Ten (2012)
  • Merry Evasion – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Five, Episode Twelve (2013)
  • Humbug – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Six, Episode Eleven (2014)
  • Cancel Christmas – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Seven, Episode Eleven (2015)
  • Tidings We Bring – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Eight, Episode Eleven (2016)
  • All is Bright – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Nine, Episode Eleven (2017)
  • Joyride – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Ten, Episode Eleven (2018)
  • Answers – NCIS: Los Angeles: Season Eleven, Episode Eleven (2019)

NCIS: New Orleans

  • Stolen Valor – NCIS: New Orleans: Season One, Episode Ten (2014)
  • Blue Christmas – NCIS: New Orleans: Season Two, Episode Eleven (2015)

Seek out the above episodes of NCIS through streaming services, DVD, or via TV re-runs, and you’ll have all the holiday drama you could ever desire.



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