In 2012, actress Autumn Reeser popped up on screens in the role of Emily Jones, for the romantic Hallmark drama, Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The movie aired on the Hallmark Channel and proved popular with audiences.

But it wasn’t just the movie that was a hit – so too was Autumn Reeser. The actress caught the attention of audiences, as well as the attention of the Hallmark team, and she was soon brought back for another movie: 2014’s Midnight Masquerade.

From here, Reeser continued to appear in Hallmark movies, with at least one new film per year. Her films ranged from Valentine’s Day features to festive favourites, and of course, more romantic pictures.

But how many Hallmark movies feature Autumn Reeser? Well, it’s probably more than you think!

Reeser has become a fan-favourite amongst Hallmark viewers, meaning she has built up a sizeable portfolio of pictures. And if you want to know what they are, then you simply need to keep reading.



The Autumn Reeser Hallmark movies in order

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To date, Autumn Reeser has featured in a whopping sixteen Hallmark movies. The movies appear in the following order:

  • Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (2012)
  • Midnight Masquerade (2014)
  • A Country Wedding (2015)
  • I Do, I Do, I Do (2015)
  • Valentine Ever After (2016)
  • A Bramble House Christmas (2017)
  • Season for Love (2018)
  • All Summer Long (2019)
  • Love on the Menu (2019)
  • Christmas Under the Stars (2019)
  • A Glenbrooke Christmas (2020)
  • The 27-Hour Day (2021)
  • The Wedding Veil (2022)
  • The Wedding Veil Unveiled (2022)
  • The Wedding Veil Legacy (2022)
  • Always Amore (2022)

See, it’s quite a lot, isn’t it? And no doubt there are plenty of favourites amongst the list too.

So, if you want to watch all of Autumn Reeser’s movies, all you need do is work your way through the list above and you’ll be caught up in no time.

Image: ©Hallmark


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