In 2017, Leslie Meier published the murder-mystery novel, Mistletoe Murder. The book followed the story of Lucy Stone, a wife and mother, who finds herself caught up in the middle of a murder during the festive season.

In the book, Lucy is busy around the holidays baking cookies and knitting jumpers, while also working a night shift at a mail order company. Yet despite the hectic time of the year, everything is going well for Lucy – that is until she discovers the founder of the mail order company dead!

Although the death is an apparent suicide, Lucy is not convinced. So, she sets out to uncover the truth behind the death, potentially exposing a murderer in the process.


Upon publication, Mistletoe Murder was a hit with readers and was soon followed by further novels featuring Lucy Stone. In fact, the Lucy Stone Mystery collection has become very successful.

But how many Lucy Stone Mystery books are there and what is the reading order? Well, for all the titles (and that all important order), keep reading!


A list of the Lucy Stone Mystery novels in order

Below is a list of all the Lucy Stone Mystery novels by Leslie Meier. The list is presented in chronological publishing order, so should you want to read through the books, this is the list to follow.

  • 1 Mistletoe Murder
  • 2 Tippy Toe Murder
  • 3 Trick or Treat Murder
  • 4 Back to School Murder
  • 5 Valentine Murder
  • 6 Christmas Cookie Murder
  • 7 Turkey Day Murder
  • 8 Wedding Day Murder
  • 9 Birthday Party Murder
  • 10 Father’s Day Murder
  • 11 Star Spangled Murder
  • 12 New Year’s Eve Murder
  • 13 Bake Sale Murder
  • 14 St. Patrick’s Day Murder
  • 15 Mother’s Day Murder
  • 16 Wicked Witch Murder
  • 17 English Tea Murder
  • 18 Chocolate Covered Murder
  • 19 Easter Bunny Murder
  • 20 Christmas Carol Murder
  • 21 French Pastry Murder
  • 22 Candy Corn Murder
  • 23 British Manor Murder
  • 24 Turkey Trot Murder
  • 25 Silver Anniversary Murder
  • 26 Invitation Only Murder
  • 27 Irish Parade Murder
  • 28 Easter Bonnet Murder


If you’re a fan of Leslie Meier’s writing, or you’re just getting into the Lucy Stone Mystery books, you may wish to know that all of the books in the series are currently available to purchase.

Mistletoe Murder is the first entry in the collection and it is available from all good book stores, as well as from Amazon US. You can find all of the other books here too.



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