In 1994, Due South hit television screens. The Canadian off-beat crime drama, which starred Paul Gross and David Marciano, followed the story of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer called Benton Fraser, who teams up with street-wise Chicago detective, Ray Vecchio.

Each week, the pair solved crimes, and each week their ‘odd couple’ partnership proved very successful. On occasion, Fraser’s pet wolf, Diefenbaker would also lend a paw to help solve the crimes, while from time-to-time, Fraser’s deceased father would also pop up (in spirit form), to offer his son some advice.

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Quirky, captivating, and always a great deal of fun, Due South proved popular with Canadian audiences during its original broadcast. The show was also sold to various countries around the world, where it also proved to be a hit – especially in the UK!

To this day, Due South continues to pop up in the TV schedules and audiences continue to fall in love with the series. But if you’re new to the world of Due South, how many episodes of the show do you need to track down?

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Due South ran for a total of four seasons, beginning in 1994 and ending in 1999. Across the course of its four-season run, a total of 67 episodes of Due South were produced, beginning with Pilot and concluding with Call of the Wild – Parts One and Two.

Across the course of the show, a number of famous faces dropped in for small roles, including Carrie-Anne Moss, Ryan Phillippe, and Leslie Nielsen. The show’s line-up also received a little tweak during its run, with Fraser getting a new partner midway through the series, in the shape of Detective Kowalski, as played by Callum Keith Rennie.

If you missed Due South during its initial broadcast, then you missed out on a real treat. But don’t worry, you can still catch up on the series – and it’s well worth it too!

Due South is a fun little show, which is always ripe for revisiting. The themes, humour, and storytelling still stand up today, and with a fairly small number of episodes, it never wears out its welcome.



A list of Due South episodes in order

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Below is a list of all 67 episodes of Due South. Should you want to catch up on the show, then simply follow this list:

  • 01) Pilot

Season One

  • 02) Free Willie
  • 03) Diefenbaker’s Day Off
  • 04) Manhunt
  • 05) They Eat Horses, Don’t They?
  • 06) Pizzas and Promises
  • 07) Chinatown
  • 08) Chicago Holiday – Part One
  • 09) Chicago Holiday – Part Two
  • 10) A Cop, a Mountie and a Baby
  • 11) The Gift of the Wheelman
  • 12) You Must Remember This
  • 13) A Hawk and a Handsaw
  • 14) An Eye for an Eye
  • 15) The Man Who Knew Too Little
  • 16) The Wild Bunch
  • 17) The Blue Line
  • 18) The Deal
  • 19) An Invitation to Romance
  • 20) Heaven and Earth
  • 21) Victoria’s Secret – Part One
  • 22) Victoria’s Secret – Part Two
  • 23) Letting Go

Season Two

  • 24) North
  • 25) Vault
  • 26) Witness
  • 27) Bird in the Hand
  • 28) The Promise
  • 29) Mask
  • 30) Juliet is Bleeding
  • 31) One Good Man, aka Thank You Kindly, Mr. Capra
  • 32) The Edge
  • 33) We Are the Eggmen
  • 34) Starman
  • 35) Some Like it Red
  • 36) White Men Can’t Jump to Conclusions
  • 37) All the Queen’s Horses
  • 38) Body Language
  • 39) The Duel
  • 40) Red, White or Blue
  • 41) Flashback

Season Three

  • 42) Burning Down the House
  • 43) Eclipse
  • 44) I Coulda Been a Defendant
  • 45) Strange Bedfellows
  • 46) Seeing is Believing
  • 47) Bounty Hunter
  • 48) Mountie and Soul
  • 49) Spy vs. Spy
  • 50) Asylum
  • 51) Perfect Strangers
  • 52) Dead Guy Running
  • 53) Mountie on the Bounty – Part One
  • 54) Mountie on the Bounty – Part Two

Season Four

  • 55) Doctor Longball
  • 56) Easy Money
  • 57) A Likely Story
  • 58) Odds
  • 59) The Ladies Man
  • 60) Mojo Rising
  • 61) Mountie Sings the Blues
  • 62) Good for the Soul
  • 63) Dead Men Don’t Throw Rice
  • 64) Say Amen
  • 65) Hunting Season
  • 66) Call of the Wild – Part One
  • 67) Call of the Wild – Part Two


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