In just over a month’s time (NOT YET!) I will be passing a significant birthday milestone. As a coping mechanism for what will be a truly testing time (honestly, I did not sign up for this), this weekend I decided to clock off early and spend two days rewinding to a more carefree period in my life – aka the ‘80s & ‘90s, when parts of my body didn’t hurt so much.

Thanks largely to the magic of YouTube, as well as a couple of streaming services, and the odd DVD (remember them?), I spent TWO DAYS watching nothing but TV shows from the past. Was this a complete waste of my time? Most probably; but hey, it was my time to waste.

40 ‘classic’ TV shows were consumed between Friday and Saturday and all were highlighted on my personal social media platform. In short: I returned to my yesteryears and documented the whole thing for friends and family, so that others could share in my little midlife crisis.

For those wondering why I spent so much time watching old shows, it was simply because old stuff makes me happy, and in turn, this helps me lessen the blow of leaving my 30s next month. With my 40th birthday only a few weeks away I figured now was the best time to reconnect with the (g)olden days, before the craziness of December hits… and before I turn to dust.

Two days of pure nonsense and nostalgia seemed like a perfectly acceptable way to spend some down time. So, I cleared my diary, I lined up takeaways for the two-day TV extravaganza, and I took my phone off the hook.

Want to see how it all panned out? Of course you do!

Below is a run-through of my weekend, complete with ‘real-time’ comments and screen shots of the shows as I watched them! I’ve lifted my comments from my social media platform, to repost them here for you, so you can see just how much fun I had.

Before I dive back into my little nostalgia trip, I should mention that as I live in the UK, this TV journey is very much about re-watching shows that aired during the ‘80s and ‘90s over in this corner of the world. I should also mention that as most of the television programmes were watched via YouTube, with the original material (presumably) coming from old VHS tapes of the era, the images used in this post are often quite grainy and/or blurry.

OK, enough with the preamble, let’s go back to Friday so I can show you how it all went down…




Show #1: I’m kicking off this Friday morning with two hours of ‘90s hit breakfast show, The Big Breakfast! I’m watching the very first episode of the show (via YouTube), which dates back to the 28th September 1992.

Chris Evans and Gabby Roslin are on presenting duties; Zig & Zag are hanging around a bathroom; and Mark Lamarr is knocking on doors. Breakfast television doesn’t get any better.

Ah, ‘comedy’ puppets Zig & Zag – the highlight of early ‘90s mornings! Here they are with Chris Evans.

Poor outside broadcast correspondent, Mark Lamarr. He’s stood in a traffic jam, in the cold, interviewing nutters for entertainment!

Back then, people didn’t glue themselves to roads, they just wandered in front of traffic for the purpose of amusement.

Got to love these high-tech weather reports. Apparently there’s ‘zero chance’ of rain in Manchester. Based on my extensive knowledge of Manchester, somehow, I don’t believe it.

Mark Lamarr is apparently in Leeds, in search of the UK’s biggest traffic jam. Considering the recent news about the abandoned plans for HS2 rail network in the North, I’m presuming these cars are all coming from Bradford.

Following a lengthy discussion about dysentery (I’m not making this up), Gaby is now making jam tarts in the kitchen. You wouldn’t get this on TV-am.

I’m ending show one with presenter Paula Yates having a discussion about entering competitions on cereal boxes. The ‘90s really was such a different time.

And now onto show #2…



Show #2: Next up is the ‘school holidays’ favourite, Wacaday! Remember this? If not, it was a children’s entertainment show that aired during the morning slot throughout the summer and half-term holidays.

The episode I’m watching is from Summer 1991 and of course features eternal man-child, Timmy Mallet.

You know, you can keep The Chase, Pointless, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, the only game worth playing is ‘Mallet’s Mallet’ – the genuine highlight of an episode of Wacaday.

Ad break: If you’re an ‘80s/‘90s kids, prepare to be hit right in the nostalgia with this screenshot of an advert for popular snack brand, Monster Munch. This advert is all about ‘free’ bicycle accessories that were given away with packets of Monster Munch.  Tell me your bike wasn’t covered in these things!

And I’ll add a little screen shot of these Monster Munch mascots, who did their best to sell these crips and who are sorely missed from TV today.

As much as everyone pokes fun at Timmy Mallet for being uncool and such, Wacaday was a great show and he’s a brilliant children’s entertainer. This show is colourful, entertaining, and educational.



Show #3: I’m sticking with children’s programmes for a little while, so now it’s time for one of the all-time greats – an episode of Rainbow. This episode is called ‘A Cold Day’ and it originally aired on 30th November 1984.

Wouldn’t be Rainbow without Rod, Jane, and Freddy. And for anyway wondering, they’re building a ‘snowman’.

I ruddy love Rainbow. There’s something about Zippy, George, and Bungle (George in particular) that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

FYI while I have a bunch of great shows coming up today, there are a few programmes that I almost included but didn’t have room for.

Two shows that almost made the cut were Sooty & Co. and Emu’s World. Unfortunately, it was a toss-up between those shows and Rainbow, and when Rainbow is in the mix, Rainbow always wins.


Show #4: And now time for surely one of the most iconic children’s shows of the ‘80s… it’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe! The episode is ‘Pawns of the Game Master’ (18th November 1983).

Not a single seatbelt is being worn by this trio. No wonder Orko is trying to block the whole journey out by closing his eyes.

Despite a crap villain in this episode, and the distinct lack of Skeletor, this story is pretty decent. Not surprising really – it was written by fan-favourite writer, Paul Dini.


Show #5: A show that few remember now, but those who do remember it know it was bloody awesome. It’s The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers and the episode is ‘Psychocrypt’ from 30th September 1986.

It’s a great episode in which the chief Galaxy Ranger goes rogue… with the help of his team.



Show #6: Five show’s down and it’s currently lunchtime, which means time for an Aussie soap double-bill. First up, it’s Home & Away!

I’m watching Episode 1877 which is perhaps better known as ‘the one where Shane dies’. This episode originally aired in Australia on the 12th March 1996, so as the UK was months behind Australia, this episode would have arrived in the UK a little later.

It’s Shane and Angel’s anniversary. There’s breakfast in bed. Both are very happy. And yet… Shane’s not been feeling very well.

After undertaking a treasure hunt, and a conversation about marriage. Shane and (a pregnant) Angel, stop at a local beauty spot to rest. Shane is suddenly feeling rather warm.

Shane couldn’t be happier right now.

And… he’s dead.

Well, that was all very sudden.



Show #7: As if it could be any other soap, and any other episode. After an iconic episode of Home & Away it’s now time for an iconic episode of Neighbours.

This is episode 523 which is better known as ‘Scott and Charlene’s Wedding’. This one originally aired on the 1st July 1987 in Australia, with the UK getting it over a year later on the 8th November 1988.

Fun fact for you: This episode was watched by a whopping 20 million Brits! Back during the 1980s, Neighbours was hugely popular in the UK.

The big moment now. Scott’s nervous, Charlene walks into the church, and Angry Anderson’s pop song ‘Suddenly’ kicks in as the wedding gets underway. Perfect.

And for those who are wondering how I’m celebrating this joyful marital moment, I’m doing it the best way possible – I’m eating a crisp sandwich. And yes, the crisps are salt & vinegar flavoured.

Harold and Mrs. Mangel summing up how I’m feeling right now. It’s all very emotional.


Show #8: Sticking with classic lunchtime entertainment and it’s time for the gameshow, Going for Gold – a show that aired on BBC One during the ‘80s and ‘90s. This is episode 60 from series 8. It originally aired on 25th August 1994.

FYI I’m not a Going for Gold super-fan, so don’t think that I am, but this show, along with Home & Away and Neighbours always reminds me of being at my Nan’s during the summer holidays, when my Grandma would watch all of these shows. It was happy times indeed. Plus, Going for Gold has a cracking theme tune (it was co-composed by Hans Zimmer).

Presenter Henry Kelly is explaining this is the series final, so contestants from all over Europe are competing to win a holiday! Erm… does this mean they had to get through 59 other episodes just to win a holiday? Wow!

Just in case it ever comes up in a pub quiz, it was Mieke, a housewife and former nurse from the Netherlands, who won the grand finale of Going for Gold back in 1994. Make sure you bank that knowledge for future use.



Show #9: Time for some music now. Forget the Brits, don’t even think about the Grammys, there was only one music awards show that mattered in the ‘80s and ‘90s. It’s the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party! Oh, and this edition is from 1995.

This year’s hosts are Andi Peters, who has come dressed as Joe 90, and Dani Behr, who has come dressed as a bathroom wall.

You can tell there was a ‘70s revival by this point in the 1990s, because there’s a performance by short-lived pop group, N-Trance, who are singing ‘Staying Alive’. Fun fact: I owned a copy of this song on cassette. I probably shouldn’t admit that.

Well, this is already shaping up to be a great show. It started with N-Trance, then moved onto Pulp, and now it’s bloody Eternal! Surely this is peak pop?!

And the category is: ‘Favourite TV Actress of 1995’. In at Number 5 is… Coronation Street’s Julie Goodyear.

But the winner is Brookside’s Anna Friel – who famously appeared in a storyline involving a lesbian kiss. Maybe if the writers of Coronation Street had allowed Bet Lynch/Gilroy to snog Betty Turpin, this would be a different outcome.

Housewives favourite, Robson & Jerome up now, and they are singing ‘Unchained Melody. All across the UK, ‘90s mums are becoming uncontrollably excited and are getting ready to head down to Woolies to buy the Robson & Jerome CD single… for the third time.

Oh, and I think this show has just reached its zenith – a performance from Alex Party singing ‘Don’t Give Me Your Life!’ Upon hearing this song, I feel like I’m at a roller disco back in the ‘90s. I couldn’t be happier right now.

No, I was wrong, this show has now reached its zenith. Batman Forever has just won the award for Best Movie of 1995 (obviously) and Batman has just turned up to collect his award. I have a feeling this isn’t Val Kilmer.


Show #10: The Smash Hits Poll Winners Party almost wiped me out. What a show! Anyway, back to children’s programmes for a while now, starting with an ‘80s show most won’t remember.

The whole premise of this programme involves having presenter Tony Robinson tell stories, while wandering around a garden. The show is called Tales from Fat Tulip’s Garden, and the episode is ‘Tale of Two Frogs’ from 1985.


Show #11: Moving on to a slightly better remembered show now and it is the turn of Grim Tales with Rik Mayall! What an absolute legend Rik Mayall was.

The episode is ‘The Hare and the Hedgehog’ from the 28th April 1989


Show #12: Next up, it’s time to check in with one of the UK’s best-loved artists. Nah, it’s not Banksy, it’s Neil Buchanan!

This programme is Art Attack – a hugely popular children’s art series, which originally ran for 17 consecutive years in the UK, before being revived on at least two occasions at a later date. This episode is from 1996.



Show #13: Now it’s time for a show that’s a whole lot of fun, with prizes to be won… it is of course the children’s gameshow, Funhouse! I’m watching the very first episode from the 24th February 1989, with Pat Sharpe as the presenter.

Of all the shows on television, THIS is the one I wanted to go on – and I’m sure I’m not alone.

The following question was just asked: ‘Who parted the Red Sea?’ The answer given by this girl was: “Christopher Columbus.”

You can actually see the moment her teammate thinks she’s the stupidest person alive.

Not surprisingly, the red team are the winners and will be entering the funhouse, while the yellow team are the losers. The boy on the yellow team is going home to think about the decisions he made today, including his choice of partner.

And finally, the best bit of the show – the part where the kids enter the funhouse to win some assorted tat! Actual prizes on this episode include a leather briefcase, a tennis racket, a record token, and a clock radio.


Show #14: Time for some humour now with one of my all-time favourites. This show is currently streaming on both Netflix AND Amazon (that’s how good it is) and it’s called the ‘Ray & Lisa Show’. Oh, wait, no, it’s actually called Sister Sister! This episode is ‘The Meeting’ and it’s the very first episode of Sister Sister dating back to the 1st April 1994.

There’s no greater TV mum than Lisa Landry. Jackée Harry is hilarious in this show…

Neighbour shouting through the window: “Hey Lisa, your garbage is in the street.”

Lisa: “Yeah, well, I saw your garbage sneaking through your bedroom window last night.”

Ray: “Hello, Lisa.”

Lisa: “Hm, hello, Ray. Erm, I had a little mishap out in front of your house. I’m sorry but I knocked your mailbox over.”

Ray: “Wait a minute; you don’t even have a car.”

Lisa: “I was power walking and I hit it with my purse.”


Show #15: A very short blast of TV now, because only ten-minute snippets are available on YouTube. The show is MTV Select and this snippet is from 2000 (back when MTV played music).

I used to watch this music request show throughout the GCSE/A-Level era of my life, usually while doing homework or revising. It was always playing as background noise, but it was fun background noise nonetheless.


Show #16: I’ll be leaving classic children’s/teen shows shortly, but not before watching a gaming double-bill. First up is ITV’s gaming review show, Bad Influence (Series 2, Episode 4, 1993).


Show #17: Can’t have Bad Influence without a bit of Channel 4’s Gamesmaster. This episode has been chosen at random and is the seventh episode from Series 2. It originally aired on the 12th November 1992.

The ‘celebrity challenge’ on this episode is between Gladiators stars Jet and Shadow! They’re going head-to-head on the game, American Gladiators! My money is on Jet winning this.


Show #18: It’s Friday night, and by now it is 6pm(!), so it couldn’t really be anything other than light-entertainment show, TFI Friday! This is the very first episode, which dates back to the 9th February 1996.

As far as I’m concerned, as soon as the title music kicked in (back in the day) it meant the weekend had officially begun. So, if you’re reading these comments and you’re in any doubt about the status of your current working week, then you should clock off, because the weekend starts NOW!

After ‘interviewing’ Page 3 model Kathy Lloyd, Chris Evans is brandishing a chainsaw and she’s off to chop some wood. I have no idea why.

From chopping wood, to being in bed with Cher, this show is a little crazy to say the least. It mostly consists of random conversations interspersed with performances from pop stars. It really shouldn’t work, but it does make for great Friday night television.



Show #19: After the anarchic nonsense of TFI Friday, it’s time to slow down the pace a little with an episode of the TV-focused game show, Telly Addicts. And as it’s getting near to that time of year, I’m watching the Telly Addicts Christmas Special from 1989.

My favourite thing about this show, is trying to explain to my husband who most of the contestants are. I grew up during this era and even I’m struggling with naming a couple of the ‘celebrity’ contestants.


Show #20: Time for a bit more music and as it’s Friday night it can only mean one show: It’s Top of the Pops!

Well, this episode of TOTP is very hit and miss, but I’m here for Louise. She’s great – we just won’t talk about her inability to mime.

And this week’s Number 1 song is ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls. This is their first number one!

With super-stardom just around the corner, Victoria had best brush up on her pointing and pouting combo.


Show #21: The penultimate show for today is… Police Squad! The episode is called ‘A Substantial Gift (The Broken Promise)’ and it originally aired on the 4th March 1982.

I had planned to watch an episode of Friends right around now, as this traditionally aired in the UK on Friday nights during the 1990s, but then I realised that watching Friends isn’t exactly nostalgic. As much as I love Friends, it has never really gone away since the ‘90s, so it doesn’t make me feel nostalgic watching it. So, I switched it out for Police Squad instead. All the episodes are on YouTube and I’ve not watched this show in far too long.

Frank: “We’re sorry to bother you at a time like this Mrs. Twice. We would have come earlier, but your husband wasn’t dead then.”


Show #22: It’s around 8:30pm and I’ve reached the final show for today. And while this is a show I do revisit quite often, it just felt right to finish my Friday viewing here.

The show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the episode is ‘The Witch’.

This episode originally aired in the US on the 17th March 1997. We got it in the UK about a year later (via Sky, then later the BBC) and it was the first episode of the show I ever saw. It made me a life-long fan.

After this episode concludes I shall be taking a break, and picking things back up in the morning.




OK, let’s get going again…

Show #23: Easing myself back in this morning with an episode of ThunderCats. It’s called ‘The Ghost Warrior’ and this episode originally aired on the 23rd September 1985.

This episode is better known as ‘the one with Grune the Destroyer’. I can’t help but feel this guy would make a lot more friends if he called himself Grune the Party Planner.



Show #24: Swiftly following up ThunderCats with another British Saturday morning favourite: the ever-funny slapstick show, Chucklevision. This episode is called ‘Window Window-Ups’ and it first appeared on screens on the 6th January 1990.

Paul: “You painted?”

Barry: “Yes.”

Paul: “How many coats?”

Barry: “Oh, I couldn’t find any coats so I used an old pullover. But then I took it off again because it stuck to the paint.”


Show #25: If I’m going to get nostalgic on a Saturday morning, then I need to do it properly and that means watching a bit of Children’s magazine show, Going Live. This morning I’m watching the ‘Gone Live’ New Year’s edition of the show, which is a slimmed down episode of the programme, which aired on 2nd January 1993.

Star Trek’s George Takei is the big guest on the show. Phillip Schofield is yet to ask Takei about his dislike for William Shatner, but I’m sure it’s coming.

Takei has just given a ‘Britain exclusive’ – he has announced that a seventh Star Trek movie is coming! Hang on a minute, was George Takei in the seventh movie? Has he just teased a film he’s not going to appear in?!

Comedy legends Trevor and Simon!

Trevor: “Sound equipment is essential.”

Simon: “This is the boom. But they don’t use this for recording comedy.”

Trevor: “What do they use for recording comedy?”

Simon: “A boom boom.”


Show #26: Only a short episode of Going Live, but that means there’s now plenty of time for the BIG Saturday morning show: Live & Kicking! This show was HUGE during the 1990s, becoming the number #1 kids show on television.

This episode is from series six, when Zoe Ball & Jamie Theakston were in the final year of presenting, so it’s peak L&K! Millions of children were tuning in every Saturday morning to watch this programme.

Presenter Zoe Ball, and pop star guest Billie Piper, urging viewers to call the show’s regular ‘phone-in’ number 0181 811 8181. I wonder if the number is still in use at the BBC?

One of this week’s guests is the late entertainer, Lionel Blair! He’s on the show to promote a line dancing video!

Zoe Ball has just mentioned how she would have loved to appear on the BBC’s old dancing show, Come Dancing. Little did she know that seven years on from this conversation, she would go on to be a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing – the BBC’s updated version of Come Dancing.

She would also go on to present a Strictly Come Dancing spin-off show a few years later.

Live & Kicking was such a fun Saturday morning kids show. It is so sadly missed… although probably not by the kids of today, who have no idea what it is.



Show #27: Now onto a quick blast of the music video programme, The Chart Show. This is a quick blast because there are no full episodes of The Chart Show available on YouTube. This snippet is from the 4th November 1995.


Show #28: And from one quick blast to another. Again, there are only snippets on YouTube, but that’s just enough for me to get a taste of the movie news/review show, Movies, Games, and Videos.

This episode is from 1993 and includes mentions for films such as Hocus Pocus, Demolition Man, The Fugitive, and some movie about dinosaurs and a theme park… or something like that.


Show #29: Sticking with the film theme and now it’s time for an episode of Channel 4’s Moviewatch, also from 1993. This episode is a ‘Dinomania Special’ – which was a dinosaur related weekend that Channel 4 held, to coincide with the release of Jurassic Park!

They’ve got Jeff Goldblum on the show. He’s less eccentric than he is now, but he’s still giving classic Goldblum!

The reviewers on this episode gave the ‘thumbs up’ to Jurassic Park, praising the realism of the dinosaurs. The movie got a score of 34/40. So, if you’ve still not watched Jurassic Park, some random people from 1993 believe you should give it a go.



Show #30: Heading into Saturday afternoon now with The A-Team – a show which aired on the Saturday afternoon slot on ITV throughout the early 1990s. This episode is from the 10th May 1983 and is called ‘A Nice Place to Visit’. I pity the fool that doesn’t make time for this show.

Despite all the shows I’ve watched today, I’m still very much on schedule. I love it when a plan comes together.


Show #31: Kick-starting a triple-bill of ‘90s cartoon favourites now, beginning with X-Men: The Animated Series. The episode is ‘Slave Island’ (13th February 1993).


Show #32: The cartoons continue with Batman: The Animated Series‘The Cat and the Claw Part 1’ (5th September 1992). Little fun fact for you: This was the first episode of B:TAS to air in the UK.

As with X-Men: The Animated Series, I was completely obsessed with Batman: The Animated Series during the 1990s. I still am really. This remains my favourite show of all time.


Show #33: Concluding the cartoons with Spider-Man: The Animated Series‘The Night of the Lizard’ (19th November 1994).


Show #34: And now time for something a little different – and I’ve had to dust off a DVD for this one, as this show is not streaming anywhere in the UK!

I’m watching Xena: Warrior Princess and the episode is called ‘The Bitter Suite’ aka ‘the superb musical episode’. This episode originally aired in the US on 7th February 1998, and is bloody brilliant!

Just a bit obsessed with Callisto. I mean, who didn’t love Callisto?

Think I’m about to explode with delight in a moment. This episode is just SO GOOD, I’m so pleased I’m revisiting it today.

It’s just insane how this show transformed into a musical episode one week, then went back to normal the next week.

If nothing else, this whole TV marathon has been worth it for this episode alone. I’d forgotten just how much I adore ‘The Bitter Suite’. Simply fantastic television.



Show #35: Wouldn’t really be Saturday without a bit of Baywatch, now would it? This episode is called ‘Freefall’ and it first hit screens on the 26th February 1996.

The premise of this episode is that Mitch goes skydiving! Yet I’m halfway through the episode and so far, it has largely consisted of montages, clips from old shows, and footage of skydivers, none of which are actually David Hasselhoff. And yet… this is still a hundred times better than that episode of Baywatch where the show brought back the stars of Gilligan’s Island.

Honestly would love to know the background to this episode. Mitch is now apparently dead, which has resulted in five-minutes of lying down, followed by another montage showcasing old clips. This is bonkers, even by Baywatch standards.

Well, it turns out Mitch isn’t dead. All the montages and scenes of death were just a fake-out, because Mitch was seeing his life flash before his eyes… or something.

Not sure all the horny teens that watched this show in the ‘90s were that bothered about ‘fake death’ storylines.


Show #36: And if I’m watching Baywatch, then I’m also watching Gladiators – another staple of British Saturday night viewing during the mid-‘90s!

This is the first episode from Series 3 and it aired in 1994.

Great contestants on this episode. A close call between the men. I really miss this show.


Show #37: Heading into the home stretch now with an oft-overlooked ‘90s favourite. This slot was originally reserved for Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, but then I decided to swap it out for something I haven’t watched for far too long. That show is Due South.

The episode is ‘Manhunt’, ‘aka the first story with Leslie Nielsen’ and it originally aired on the 6th October 1994.


Show #38: Where would Saturday night TV really be without light-entertainment show, Noel’s House Party? Absolutely huge in the ‘90s, this was the big Saturday night entertainment show on BBC1.

I have many happy memories of sitting down to watch Noel’s House Party with the family. It was the main show of the whole evening.

Mr. Blobby goes on a rampage…

The carnage continues…

Then Boyce arrives.

And then Jerry Hall stops by… and Noel’s face speaks volumes.



Show #39: Getting close to the end, but not quite there yet. Continuing the theme of light entertainment with another popular ‘90s show – it’s the (sort of) game show, Stars in Their Eyes! In this show, members of the public do their best to impersonate famous pop stars.

This episode is the 1993 Stars in Their Eyes Live Final and as I have no recollection of who won, or which pop icon they were impersonating, I’m very excited to see how things play out. Unless of course this is the episode with the bloke impersonating Chris de Burgh, because I’m not entirely convinced it wasn’t just Chris de Burgh pretending to be himself.

I think I’ve avoided Chris de Burgh. Instead the show begins with Gary from Bolton doing Neil Diamond!

Contestant number 2 is Johnny Robinson, who is impersonating Boy George. And it took me until the end of his performance to realise this is the same Johnny Robinson who also took part in The X Factor back in 2011! I guess he doesn’t win Stars in Their Eyes then.

It’s a shame that it then took Johnny another eight years to get back on ITV. His Boy George is pretty good.

My money is on contestant number 9, Jacquii, who is doing Alison Moyet. I think she’ll win because a.) she sounds like Alison Moyet and b.) most of the previous contestants (except for Johnny) have been a bit rubbish.

She did it! Alison Moyet won! The British public didn’t cock up a vote (for once). Not sure who was voting for Mariah Carey though, she was bloody awful.


Show #40: Well, here we are. I’ve finally reached the end of my journey – and what a journey it has been. After 39 shows I’m now bringing this epic nostalgia trip to a close with a late night ‘90s game show.

The show is Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush – another light-entertainment show, in which members of the audience had the opportunity to win a holiday. The episode was picked at random, and for those that care, it originally aired on the 23rd April 1994.

As I sit back to watch this final show, here’s everything I watched over the two days:


  • 8am The Big Breakfast – Episode One (28th September 1992)
  • 10am Wacaday (summer 1991)
  • 10:45am Rainbow – A Cold Day (30th November 1984)
  • 11am He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – Pawns of the Game Master (18th November 1983)
  • 11:30am The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers – Psychocrypt (30th September 1986)
  • 12pm Home & Away – Episode 1877 ‘aka Shane’s death’ (12th March 1996)
  • 12:30pm Neighbours – Episode 523 ‘aka Scott and Charlene’s Wedding’ (1st July 1987)
  • 1pm Going for Gold – Series 8 Episode 60 (25th August 1994)
  • 1:30pm Smash Hits Poll Winners Party (1995)
  • 3pm Tales from Fat Tulip’s Garden – Tale of Two Frogs (1985)
  • 3:15pm Grim Tales with Rik Mayall – The Hare and the Hedgehog (28th April 1989)
  • 3:30pm Art Attack – Series Eight Episode Three (1996)
  • 4pm Funhouse – Series One Episode One (24th February 1989)
  • 4:30pm Sister Sister – The Meeting (1st April 1994)
  • 4:55pm MTV Select (2000)
  • 5:15pm Bad Influence – Series 2, Episode 4 (1993)
  • 5:35pm Gamesmaster – Series 2, Episode 7 (12th November 1992)
  • 6pm T.F.I. Friday – Series 1, Episode 1 (9th February 1996)
  • 7pm Telly Addicts Christmas Special (1989)
  • 7:30pm Top of the Pops (30th August 1996)
  • 8pm Police Squad – A Substantial Gift (The Broken Promise) (4th March 1982)
  • 8:30pm Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Witch (17th March 1997)


  • 8am ThunderCats – Season 1, episode 11 (23rd September 1985)
  • 8:35am Chucklevision – Season 3, episode 6 (6th January 1990)
  • 9am Going Live – ‘Gone Live’ New Year’s edition – (2nd January 1993)
  • 10:30am Live & Kicking – Series 6 (5th December 1998)
  • 12:15pm The Chart Show – 4th November (1995)
  • 12:45pm Movies, Games, and Videos (1993)
  • 1pm Moviewatch – Dinomania Special (1993)
  • 1:30pm The A-Team – A Nice Place to Visit (10th May 1983)
  • 2:20pm X-Men: The Animated Series – Slave Island (13th February 1993)
  • 2:40pm Batman: The Animated Series – The Cat and the Claw Part 1 (5th September 1992)
  • 3pm Spider-Man: The Animated Series – The Night of the Lizard (19th November 1994)
  • 3:20pm Xena: Warrior Princess – The Bitter Suite (7th February 1998)
  • 4pm Baywatch – Freefall (26th February 1996)
  • 5pm Gladiators – Series 3, episode 1 (1994)
  • 6pm Due South – Manhunt (series 1 ep 3) (6th October 1994)
  • 6:45pm Noel’s House Party – Series 4 episode 7 (10th December 1994)
  • 8pm Stars in Their Eyes Live Final (1993)
  • 9pm Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush (23rd April 1994)


And that’s it. After a big nostalgia blowout, my weekend of revisiting the past came to an end. That episode of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush was a cracking way to conclude the 40-show marathon, and it capped off a fun little jaunt back in time.

I enjoyed the whole thing, but highlights included The Big Breakfast, Neighbours, Smash Hits Poll Winners Party, TFI Friday, Live & Kicking, Xena: Warrior Princess, Gladiators, and Noel’s House Party. Rewatching these shows was beyond fantastic – and I will aim to check out a few more episodes of each in the coming days.


You know, TV shows have played a big part in my life, and revisiting them in the way that I did, allowed me to journey back to such a fun time. Seeing all of these shows helped to unlock some very happy memories, and also gave me the opportunity to reconnect with some sorely missed entertainment.

As I now move forward, I prepare myself for turning 40. Am I better prepared for this milestone? Ha ha, nope! But I’ve still got a little while to go before I hit the big ‘four-oh’ and I’ve certainly given myself a very memorable weekend along the way.

This was a lot of fun. I’m so glad I disconnected from reality for a short while, in order to remember the good times, and I must do it again.



Thank you for stopping by It’s A Stampede! to read this post about my midlife crisis/nostalgia trip. I hope it has stirred up some warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings in you too!

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