In 1989, Tales from the Crypt crept onto television screens. The deliciously macabre anthology show, based on the EC Comics comic of the same name (as well as a few related titles), brought a collection of horror stories to the small screen… and viewers loved it!

Each week, Tales from the Crypt would serve up a new tale of terror, and each week viewers would find themselves enthralled by the show’s depravity. Blood, gore, death, and dismemberment were the order of the day, as the show told morality tales from the darker side of life.

The Cryptkeeper presided over every episode of Tales from the Crypt, while various famous faces put in guest appearances. From Arnold Schwarzenegger and Demi Moore, to Ewan McGregor and Whoopi Goldberg, the show attracted many star names, all eager to play characters in the series.

But how long did Tales from the Crypt run for and how many episodes of the show were produced? For all the details you will simply have to keep reading!



How many episodes of Tales from the Crypt are there?

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Tales from the Crypt ran for seven seasons, comprising a total of 93 episodes. The first episode, titled The Man Who Was Death aired on HBO on June 10th 1989, while the final episode, The Third Pig aired on July 19th 1996.


What are all of the episodes of Tales from the Crypt?

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Below is a list of all 93 episodes of Tales from the Crypt

Season One

  • 1) The Man Who Was Death
  • 2) And All Through the House
  • 3) Dig That Cat… He’s Real Gone
  • 4) Only Sin Deep
  • 5) Lover Come Hack to Me
  • 6) Collection Completed

Season Two

  • 7) Dead Right
  • 8) The Switch
  • 9) Cutting Cards
  • 10) Til Death
  • 11) Three’s a Crowd
  • 12) The Thing From the Grave
  • 13) The Sacrifice
  • 14) For Cryin’ Out Loud
  • 15) Four-Sided Triangle
  • 16) The Ventriloquist’s Dummy
  • 17) Judy, You’re Not Yourself Today
  • 18) Fitting Punishment
  • 19) Korman’s Kalamity
  • 20) Lower Berth
  • 21) Mute Witness to Murder
  • 22) Television Terror
  • 23) My Brother’s Keeper
  • 24) The Secret

Season Three

  • 25) Loved to Death
  • 26) Carrion Death
  • 27) The Trap
  • 28) Abra Cadaver
  • 29) Top Billing
  • 30) Dead Wait
  • 31) The Reluctant Vampire
  • 32) Easel Kill Ya
  • 33) Undertaking Palor
  • 34) Mournin’ Mess
  • 35) Split Second
  • 36) Deadline
  • 37) Spoiled
  • 38) Yellow

Season Four

  • 39) None but the Lonely Heart
  • 40) This’ll Kill Ya
  • 41) On a Deadman’s Chest
  • 42) Séance
  • 43) Beauty Rest
  • 44) What’s Cookin
  • 45) The New Arrival
  • 46) Showdown
  • 47) King of the Road
  • 48) Maniac at Large
  • 49) Split Personality
  • 50) Strung Along
  • 51) Werewolf Concerto
  • 52) Curiosity Killed

Season Five

  • 53) Death of Some Salesmen
  • 54) As Ye Sow
  • 55) Forever Ambergris
  • 56) Food for Thought
  • 57) People Who Live in Brass Hearses
  • 58) Two for the Show
  • 59) House of Horror
  • 60) Well Cooked Hams
  • 61) Creep Course
  • 62) Came the Dawn
  • 63) Oil’s Well That Ends Well
  • 64) Half-Way Horrible
  • 65) Till Death Do We Part

Season Six

  • 66) Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
  • 67) Only Skin Deep
  • 68) Whirlpool
  • 69) Operation Friendship
  • 70) Revenge is the Nuts
  • 71) The Bribe
  • 72) The Pit
  • 73) The Assassin
  • 74) Staired in Horror
  • 75) In the Groove
  • 76) Surprise Party
  • 77) Doctor of Horror
  • 78) Comes the Dawn
  • 79) 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror
  • 80) You, Murderer

Season Seven

  • 81) Fatal Caper
  • 82) Last Respects
  • 83) A Slight Case of Murder
  • 84) Escape
  • 85) Horror in the Night
  • 86) Cold War
  • 87) The Kidnapper
  • 88) Report from the Grave
  • 89) Smoke Wrings
  • 90) About Face
  • 91) Confession
  • 92) Ear Today… Gone Tomorrow
  • 93) The Third Pig


Who voiced the Crypt Keeper in Tales from the Crypt?

John Kassir provided the voice of the Cryptkeeper in Tales from the Crypt.


Which actors guest-starred in Tales from the Crypt?

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During the course of its run, Tales from the Crypt attracted many star names, including: Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Tim Curry, Teri Hatcher, Robert Patrick, Michael J. Fox, Natasha Richardson, Malcolm McDowell, Lance Henriksen, Kirk Douglas, Meat Loaf, Joe Pesci, Dan Aykroyd, Corey Feldman, Cheech Marin, Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, and Arnold Schwarzenegger amongst many others.



What are the best episodes of Tales from the Crypt?

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If you don’t have the time to watch all 93 episodes of Tales from the Crypt, or you simply want to check out the best stories from the show’s seven season run, then watch the following ten episodes:

  • Four-sided Triangle (1990)
  • Abra Cadaver (1991)
  • Top Billing (1991)
  • Yellow (1991)
  • Split Second (1991)
  • The New Arrival (1992)
  • Split Personality (1992)
  • None But the Lonely Heart (1992)
  • Death of Some Salesman (1993)
  • People Who Live in Brass Hearses (1993)

While these are some of the best stories from the show’s run, the entire series is worth checking out!


Who wrote the theme tune to Tales from the Crypt?

The iconic theme tune to Tales from the Crypt was composed by Danny Elfman – the same musician behind Batman (1989), Edward Scissorhands (1990), The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), Spider-Man (2002), and many legendary film and television scores.



Was there a Tales from the Crypt cartoon?

Due to the success of the live-action series, an animated spin-off was produced in the ‘90s and aimed at younger viewers. The spin-off was called Tales from the Cryptkeeper (later re-titled New Tales from the Cryptkeeper), and aired for three seasons between 1993 and 1999.

Tales from the Cryptkeeper followed a similar format to its live-action counterpart, only with the blood and gore removed. John Kassir reprised the role of the Cryptkeeper for the show.

The episodes are as follows:

Season One – Tales from the Cryptkeeper

  • 1) While the Cat’s Away
  • 2) Nature
  • 3) Pleasant Screams
  • 4) Gone Fishin’/A Little Body of Work
  • 5) The Works… In Wax
  • 6) The Sleeping Beauty
  • 7) Cave Man
  • 8) Hyde and Go Shriek
  • 9) Fare Tonight
  • 10) Gorilla’s Paw
  • 11) This Wraps It Up
  • 12) Grounds for Horror
  • 13) Ghost Ship

Season Two – Tales from the Cryptkeeper

  • 14) Game Over
  • 15) Cold Blood, Warm Hearts/The Spider and the Flies
  • 16) The Avenging Phantom/Myth Conceptions
  • 17) All the Gory Details!
  • 18) The Weeping Woman
  • 19) Dead Men Don’t Jump!
  • 20) The Haunted Mine
  • 21) Growing Pains
  • 22) The Brothers Gruff
  • 23) Uncle Harry’s Horrible House of Horrors
  • 24) Hunted
  • 25) Chuck (and Melvin) and the Beanstalker
  • 26) Transylvania Express

Season Three – New Tales from the Cryptkeeper

  • 27) Sharon Sharalike
  • 28) Imaginary Friend
  • 29) Waste Not, Haunt Not
  • 30) Unpopular Mechanics
  • 31) Competitive Spirit
  • 32) Trouble in Store
  • 33) So Very Attractive
  • 34) Drawn and Quartered
  • 35) All Booked Up
  • 36) Town Gathering
  • 37) It’s for You
  • 38) Monsters Ate My Homework
  • 39) Too Cool for School


Were there any other Tales from the Crypt spin-offs?

In addition to the live-action television show and the animated series, Tales from the Crypt also spawned a short-lived children’s gameshow called Secrets of the Cryptkeeper’s Haunted House, as well as a short-lived Tales from the Crypt radio series.

Attempts were also made to get two similar anthology shows off the ground in the shape of Two-Fisted Tales and Perversions of Science, although neither were successful. Two-Fisted Tales didn’t make it beyond the pilot episode, while Perversions of Science only reached ten episodes.

Arguably the most successful spin-off, outside of the live-action and animated shows, were the Tales from the Crypt movies.



What are the Tales from the Crypt movies?

A couple of years after Tales from the Crypt finished airing on television, the brand was revived via a collection of live-action movies. The first two movies were released during the ‘90s, while a third entry (only loosely connected to the TftC brand) was released in the ‘00s.

The three movies include:  

  • Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight (1995)
  • Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood (1996)
  • Tales from the Crypt Presents: Ritual (2002)


And finally… should I watch Tales from the Crypt?

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Heck, yes! Tales from the Crypt was very successful during its initial run and is still fondly remembered by fans to this day. The show offered short horror stories, ideal for those who like their scares in small bites, and was filled to the brim with talented actors.


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