It’s Tuesday night, the UK is still working its way through the third national lockdown, and the weather is pretty miserable (and that is putting it mildly). Due to the impact of the pandemic, next-to-nothing is open, interacting with another household is a complete no-no, and there is only so much walking around the block anyone can do.

If you can relate to all this, then I’m sure you’re finding the monotony of being stuck inside is starting to get to you. And it doesn’t help that despite the countless streaming services, there never seems to be anything you want to watch on TV.

I hear you – but believe me, there is plenty of great content out there. And in most cases, you simply need to step outside of your comfort zone to open up new avenues.

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Netflix has recently been adding a large number of foreign language films to its service, including Spanish movies, Don’t Listen, and Below Zero. Not usually one for world cinema? Maybe give these a whirl to ease you in.

If not these two, then head on over to Amazon for the French coming-of-age film, Summer of ’85 or the Academy Award-winning South Korean picture, Parasite. Or later this month, check out Sky Cinema for the preposterous, but incredibly fun Chinese disaster movie, Skyfire.

Image: ©Cartoon Saloon/Mélusine

Perhaps you have always shied away from animated movies. Then now is the time to give these films a try.

Maybe use Soul or Wolfwalkers as a starting point, or try out an anime, such as Your Name or Weathering With You. There are so many good animated movies out there, waiting to be discovered.

What about horror? Not a fan? Maybe you haven’t found the right horror to tempt you into the genre. Perhaps give Psycho a viewing or if you’ve never watched it, why not Jaws?!

I have previously posted a list of 120 best horror movies you must watch, so, check out some of the films on this list. It list includes modern releases as well as a fair few oldies, so there is plenty to dive into.  

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And that neatly brings me onto the subject of older movies. Even the most seasoned movie buff is unlikely to have watched every film from the past, because there is simply too much to view. Chances are, there are heaps of movies you have never watched, and plenty of them can be found on the streaming services. Heck, the likes of Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Now TV etc are filled with old movies from the past.

If you only ever watch movies from the ‘80s onward, then travel a little further back and try out some films from the ‘60s or the ‘70s. Planet of the Apes (1968), Goldfinger (1964), The Great Escape (1963), Dirty Harry (1971), The French Connection (1971), Duel (1971), Escape from Alcatraz (1979) – all great movies, and all should be viewed at least once.

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The point of this post is to make you rethink your movie-viewing habits. It’s not to tell you that what you watch is wrong, or you shouldn’t like what you like; instead, I’m suggesting that if you are finding yourself at a loose end, then try something completely different.

If you have always passed on Pretty Woman (1990) or Dirty Dancing (1987), now is the time to see what all the fuss is about. Likewise, if the movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger have been overlooked, then check out his portfolio of pictures and try out a few.

Image: ©True Lies

Each brand new movie that is released, be it a Star Wars film, a Marvel movie, or an Oscar-winning drama, is built on the foundations of everything that has come before. The original Star Wars movie (aka A New Hope) can be traced back to the Japanese picture, The Hidden Fortress (1958), while Marvel movies have taken influence from war films, heist movies, and political thrillers of yesteryear.

So, watch something you wouldn’t usually watch. Do it once, then do it again. And when you find a film you like, or one that surprises you, recommend it to a friend and share your discovery.

With the usual blockbusters in short supply at the moment, try something different. It might open up a whole new world of cinema.



Thank you for stopping by It’s A Stampede! – I hope this post has given you something to think about, and maybe has offered you a positive outlook at this difficult point in time. There is so much to explore, so take advantage of the opportunity while you can.

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