It is just over a week since I published my new book, Rewind to the ‘90s: A Journey Through 100 Movies, and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought a copy for their kindle, tablet, or phone, or who has read it for FREE through Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

The response to Rewind to the ‘90s has been very encouraging and of course, this makes me extremely happy. The book was fun to write, and it was certainly a welcome distraction throughout lockdown 2020.


And for those who have just stopped by, Rewind to the ‘90s is 422-pages long, covers 100 movies, and is jam-packed with reviews, ramblings, and humorous anecdotes. Films discussed range from Timecop and Problem Child to Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Cutthroat Island, and Saving Private Ryan, as well as 95 others.

If you haven’t checked out Rewind to the ‘90s just yet, no worries, there is still plenty of time. It’s ready and waiting for you to download on Amazon UK, Amazon US, and every other Amazon you can shake a stick at. Don’t forget, Kindle Unlimited subscribers can download it for FREE (you can’t get much better than that), and for those wanting to buy it, the book works out at 0.01p per page!

Not bad, right?

Anyway, thank you once again – your response has been humbling.



Disclaimer: I earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.