Across the course of five seasons and five television movies, mild mannered scientist Dr. David Banner wrestled with his destructive side in the hit TV show, The Incredible Hulk. The premise of the show saw Banner transform into  a monstrous creature known as the Hulk… which he couldn’t control. 

In the pilot movie, David Banner was supposedly killed by the Hulk. Keen to let the world believe this to be true – until he could at least control his Hulk persona – Banner assumed various aliases to hide his true identity. 

But what were the aliases that Banner used in The Incredible Hulk?

In this post I lay out all of Banner’s faux names. I’m covering the TV series, as well as the TV movies, so expect a whole bunch of similar sounding names, mostly starting with ‘David’.

You’ll see what I mean in moment.


TV movies

Image: ©CBS/Marvel

The Incredible Hulk got underway with two television movies. In the first movie, David Banner did not use an alias; however, the use of an alias began with the second movie.

  • The Incredible Hulk (1977) – David Banner 
  • Death in the Family (aka The Return of the Incredible Hulk) (1977) – David Benton 

Season One

Image: ©CBS/Marvel

In Season One, Banner assumed multiple aliases. Every alias started with the name ‘David’, except one.

Here are Banner’s Season One aliases:

  • Final Round – David Benson 
  • The Beast Within – David Bradburn 
  • Of Guilt, Models and Murder – David Blaine
  • Terror in Times Square – David Blake
  • 747 – David Brown
  • The Hulk Breaks Las Vegas – David Benning 
  • Never Give a Trucker an Even Break – David Bradford 
  • Life and Death – David Bernard 
  • Earthquakes Happen – Dr. Robert Patterson 
  • The Waterfront Story – David Barton

Season Two

Image: ©CBS/Marvel

During Season Two, Banner took on more aliases, once again all beginning with David, except in the two-part story, Mystery Man where he was simply known as John Doe.

  • Married (aka Bride of the Incredible Hulk) – David Benton
  • The Antowuk Horror  David Bartons 
  • Ricky – David Beckman
  • Rainbow’s End – David Bishop 
  • A Child in Need – David Baxter 
  • Another Path – David Braemer
  • Alice in Disco Land – David Balon 
  • Killer Instinct – David Burnett
  • Stop the Presses – David Bernard 
  • Escape from Los Santos – David Brown 
  • Wildfire – David Blakeman
  • A Solitary Place – David Bailey
  • Like a Brother – David Butler 
  • Haunted – David Barrett
  • Mystery Man Part 1 – John Doe
  • Mystery Man Part 2 – John Doe 
  • The Disciple – David Blaine
  • No Escape – David Baron
  • Kindred Spirits – David Barton 
  • The Confession – David Benton
  • The Quiet Room – David Balland
  • Vendetta Road – David Brennan

Season Three

Image: ©CBS/Marvel

In Season Three, Banner continued his use of fake names, occasionally going by ‘David’ without a surname. In the episode Proof Positive, Banner only appears briefly, so an alias is not used.

  • Metamorphosis – David 
  • Blind Rage – David Blair
  • Brain Child – David Barnes
  • The Slam – David Brendan 
  • My Favourite Magician – David Barker 
  • Jake Behind the Wheel – David Benton 
  • Homecoming – David Barret
  • The Snare – David Bennet 
  • Babalao – David Beckman 
  • Captive Night – David Bishop
  • Broken Image – David Bowman 
  • Proof Positive – N/A
  • Sideshow – David Burns
  • Long Run Home – David Beller
  • Falling Angels – David Bannister 
  • The Lottery – David Becker 
  • The Psychic – David
  • A Rock and a Hard Place – David Braynard
  • Deathmask – David Brent 
  • Equinox – David Beldon 
  • Nine Hours – David Breck 
  • On the Line – David Brown 

Season Four

Image: ©CBS/Marvel

In Season Four, Banner takes on more names. Every alias has a surname, except in the two-part story, Prometheus where he is simply known as David.

  • Prometheus Part 1 – David 
  • Prometheus Part 2 – David
  • Free Fall – David Blake 
  • Dark Side – David Bernards
  • Deep Shock – David Benton 
  • Bring Me the Head of the Hulk – David Bedford 
  • Fast Lane – David Brendan 
  • Goodbye Eddie Cain – David Benedict 
  • King of the Beach – David Bennet
  • Wax Museum – David Beckwith 
  • East Winds – David Barrett 
  • The First Part 1 – David Barr 
  • The First Part 2 – David Barr 
  • The Harder They Fall – David Blackwell 
  • Interview with the Hulk – David Butler 
  • Half Nelson – David Benley 
  • Danny – David Bentzen
  • Patterns – David Benson

Season Five

Image: ©CBS/Marvel

More aliases for season five. All with surnames, except one.

  • The Phenom – David Bedecker 
  • Two Godmothers – David Bradley 
  • Veteran – David Barnes 
  • Sanctuary – David
  • Triangle – David Beller 
  • Slaves – David Becker 
  • A Minor Problem – David Bradshaw

TV movies

Image: ©NBC/Marvel

And finally, after the TV show completed its run, the series was revived via three television movies. Each movie saw Banner adopt a different identity.

  • The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988) – David Banyon 
  • The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989) – David Belson 
  • The Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990) – David Bellamy 

And that is your lot! 

Over 80 stories, and David Banner tried to conceal his true identity… by barely altering his name. And yet, it always worked!


If you came to this post seeking details of David Banner’s faux names in The Incredible Hulk, I hope you are now satisfied. For more Hulk-related posts, check out the recommended reads below.

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