The following post is designed as a quick guide for movie studios looking to make their own cinematic universe. The post is not intended for you or I (we are mere mortals and not movie execs), it is instead intended for people who wear suits, sign off on really bad ideas, and want to make pots and pots of cash!

Does this sound like you?

If so, read on!


Below you will find five easy steps to help you create your own cinematic universe. Pay very close attention to the following information – it could help you make that next billion dollars.


How to make a cinematic universe

Five important steps… so pay attention!

Step 1: DO own interesting characters that audiences want to see.

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment

There’s nothing worse than trying to convince an audience that they really want to see your dull characters on the big screen just because YOU want to build a cinematic universe. Instead ensure that you have really interesting characters and then put them at the forefront of your plans.

FYI: Cyborg in Justice League (2017) is not an interesting character. If you are considering adding him to your next movie, HAVE A WORD WITH YOURSELF!


Step 2: DON’T hype up your cinematic universe before you’ve released your first movie.

Image: ©Universal Pictures

If you hype up your cinematic universe before audiences have seen the goods, then they will have huge expectations that you simply can’t deliver. Instead, let your universe grow organically, with a release schedule that takes into account films and characters the audience like and/or want to see (see Step 1).

In short, don’t be Universal Pictures’ failed Dark Universe.


Step 3: DO employ someone who is a fan/expert in your characters and their unique backstory. And that means ALL OF YOUR CHARACTERS – not just the one that looks cool.

Let this person tell you how much they want every film to have its own look and feel, with characters who are very, very different. Let them show you how to transform even the most obscure character into a breakout star.

This approach is much preferable to hiring someone who just wants every character to act like Batman.


Step 4: DON’T always listen to fans.

Image: ©Lucasfilm/Disney

Fans are great and can have really cool ideas, but that doesn’t mean they know how to make movies. My friend’s hairdresser, Carol has plenty of ideas about Star Wars, but that doesn’t mean she knows her way around a clapperboard.

Carol doesn’t even know what a dolly grip is!

Plus, Carol thought it would be an awesome idea to stick Palpatine in The Rise of Skywalker – and we all know that was a frickin’ big mistake.

FFS Carol, get off the internet! You’re partially responsible for messing up the Star Wars films in the first place!!

Sorry, where was I?

Oh, yes. Have your own clear plan, which takes into account Steps 1-3, and then stick to it!

Don’t give in to fan backlash and DON’T listen to Carol.

FFS Carol, you ruined it.


Step 5: DO let Disney invest in you.

Image: ©Disney/Pixar

Disney has deep pockets and will be able to fund your dreams. See: Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm (and Fox).

Let Mickey and Co. chuck piles of money at you. Then swim in that money and use it to make really good films.

Just don’t tell Carol your project has been bankrolled. She will only convince you to spend the money on pointless ideas that bring nothing to your film.

FFS Carol!


Stick to steps 1-5 and you won’t go wrong.

Of course, if you’re not quite sure that you can adhere to the five steps above, then I have one last suggestion – so pay very, very close attention.

Take a notepad, take a pen and sit down with all the movies produced/co-produced by Marvel Studios.

Watch all the movies.

Make notes.

Do exactly what Marvel does.

Don’t deviate.

It’s that simple.


It’s right there!!!

Now go, make money. You can thank me later.

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