“Henry Cavill lives! He lives!”

Those are presumably the words uttered by countless Super-fans around the world, when in early 2018 news broke that Henry Cavill was 100% alive – and not dead.

Cavill was not, and never had been dead. Reports of his demise had been gravely misdiagnosed and the British actor was still walking the Earth.


You’re not the only one, so let me explain.


Back in March 2018, for a brief period of time, Google suggested that Henry Cavill – the actor famous for playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe films such as Man of Steel (2013) and Justice League (2017) – had died. According to Google, Cavill took his last breath sometime on Saturday 3rd March 2018.

Only, he didn’t.

Cavill wasn’t dead. Not even slightly dead.

How do we know?

Various things pointed to Cavill being alive, most notably the breath in his body and the fact he was able to update his social media accounts without the aid of a ouija board. Both of these pieces of evidence were very important in uncovering the truth.

Image: ©Warner Bros./DC Entertainment

So, what happened?

The short answer? A technical glitch, caused by someone presuming the actor had the entered the afterlife… when he hadn’t.

Somebody, somewhere, killed Cavill off without checking to see if he was dead. A common mistake made by anyone who doesn’t check a person’s pulse… or who doesn’t simply ask the person if they are dead.

A phone call, an email, or a house visit are all good ways to check if someone is still breathing. Heck, I find that a quick direct message online, asking the question “are you dead?”, is usually the best course of action.

Of course, if they say “yes” it can get very confusing.


So, with Cavill seemingly alive, the world rejoiced. Cavill was pretty pleased about the outcome too.

Putting the record straight about his untimely demise, the actor took to Instagram to post the following picture (see below) to explain that he was very much alive. In fact, it had taken him two days to even realise he was supposed to be dead!

Henry Cavill
Image: ©Henry Cavill

Seeing the funny side, Cavill’s Instagram post was accompanied with the caption: “When you learn that you died 2 days ago….”

And it wasn’t just Cavill that found the situation amusing, Mission: Impossible – Fallout director, Christopher McQuarrie did too, commenting “Get well soon, buddy,” on the post.

You see you can make those kind of jokes when your friend is alive… and not dead.


One can only presume that the person who temporarily killed Cavill had been confused about an onscreen death in one of the actor’s films. Perhaps they thought Cavill and Superman were one and the same, and this Google update was a delayed response to Superman’s passing in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?!

Either that, or someone just thought it would be a laugh.

People will laugh at anything these days. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I’ve caught laughing at me.

So, just to set the record straight, both Superman and Henry Cavill are very much alive. However, an investigation is still ongoing to determine if the DC Extended Universe is still breathing.

It is believed that at one point, possibly around 2016-2017, the DCEU was put on life support, but at present it appears to be making a recovery. Experts have warned “it could go either way.”

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