As more and more companies expand and develop their streaming services (Amazon, Disney etc), a number of big budget movies are skipping the cinema experience in favour of a direct-to-streaming release. But will this signal the end of cinemas? And more importantly, would you care?

I personally love the cinema experience and on average, I attend my local multiplex a couple of times a month (or at least I did, before the pandemic). Sure, the ‘talkers’ and the ‘phone users’ annoy me like they annoy everyone else, but I still feel there’s a real sense of wonder and excitement about going to the cinema. If it wasn’t there any more, I truly feel we would lose something special.

So, my question this morning is: What do you think? Would you prefer films to skip the cinema entirely, in favour of a direct-to-streaming release or do you think the cinema is the best and only way for films to be exhibited?

The world is changing and audiences are changing too. In an age of social distancing, and changing practises when it comes to making and exhibiting films, is there still room for the big screen experience?

Let me know your thoughts.

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