Feeling festive? Want to cram all of the Christmas episodes of Friends before Santa arrives in town?!

Sure you do!

But how many Christmas episodes of Friends are there and what season do they fall in?

In this post I can provide all the answers, including a list of all the Friends Christmas episodes.



How many Friends Christmas episodes are there?

Across the ten seasons of Friends, the show served up eight Christmas themed episodes. These episodes aired one per season, from Season 2 all the way through to (and including) Season 9.

The only seasons of Friends not to include Christmas episodes are Season 1 and Season 10.


Why did Season 1 and Season 10 of Friends not feature Christmas episodes?

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The first season of Friends did not feature a Christmas episode because the show decided not to include one. Instead this initial season jumps from a Thanksgiving episode (The One Where Underdog Gets Away) to a New Year’s episode (The One with the Monkey).

The final season of Friends did not feature a Christmas episode because no new episodes aired in December, when this season originally played out. Episode 8 (The One with the Late Thanksgiving) aired in November, while Episode 9 (The One with the Birth Mother) aired in January.



What are the Friends Christmas episodes?

Here is a list of the Friends Christmas episodes:

  • The One with Phoebe’s DadSeason 2, Episode 9
  • The One Where Rachel QuitsSeason 3, Episode 10
  • The One with the Girl from PoughkeepsieSeason 4, Episode 10
  • The One with the Inappropriate SisterSeason 5, Episode 10
  • The One with the RoutineSeason 6, Episode 10
  • The One with the Holiday ArmadilloSeason 7, Episode 10
  • The One with Ross’s Step Forward (aka The One with the Creepy Holiday Card) – Season 8, Episode 11
  • The One with Christmas in TulsaSeason 9, Episode 10


If you’re using the above list to get your festive Friends fix, then enjoy! There are some truly hilarious episodes amongst this list – especially when it comes to The One with the Holiday Armadillo!

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

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