Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige has been given a promotion – and it’s a big one!

According to Empire, the man who has helped oversee 23 Marvel Studios movies and turn them all into box office successes (and box office No.1s) will now oversee both the TV and comic book divisions of Marvel. This is pretty huge.

Up until now, the TV and comic book entities have been handled separately from the film department. With this new role, Feige will bring everything closer together, so all of the different areas of the Marvel Universe line-up better.

Of course, there are both pros and cons to this promotion. On the one hand, with Feige in charge, we should see a much more rewarding experience when it comes to television, as the shows will feel better connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the other hand, with his current film duties, plus talk of Feige working on a Star Wars project, there is the chance he is spreading himself a little thin.

Hmmm… we will have to see what happens. What is clear is that as Disney gears up to launch its new streaming service, Disney+, it is making sure it has the right people in place to help drive content.

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