Avengers: Endgame has just crossed the $2 billion dollar mark at the worldwide box office.

The movie – the 22nd entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – has reached this milestone in just 12 days.

12 days!

This is a truly incredible achievement.

Endgame‘s current box office total stands at a whopping $2,083,531,638.

The film is now the third highest grossing movie of all-time! Once again, this is after just 12 days on release.

In terms of box office revenue, the only films ahead of Endgame are Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009). Endgame needs to make another $100 million to reach the level of Titanic, but it has some way to go before it overtakes Avatar‘s figure of $2,787,965,087.

Since its debut in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has raked in over $20 billion from 22 movies. This figure does not include any profits from the TV shows, comics or merchandise.

The 23rd movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Spider-Man: Far From Home, which hits cinema screens in July. A new trailer for the Spidey sequel is due to arrive next week.

(Source: Box Office Mojo)