News has started to circulate that Lucasfilm/Disney are currently working on a live-action TV series focusing on Star Wars character, Obi-Wan Kenobi. According to Star Wars News Net the series is in the pipeline and will air on Disney+ – Disney’s new streaming service – running up to six episodes in length.

But is it true?

Image: ©Lucasfilm/Disney


Here’s the truth so far:


Neither Lucasfilm, nor Disney have confirmed the news, which means nothing is official. There’s also no confirmation that Ewan McGregor will reprise the role of the Jedi Master.

In the original story, Star Wars News Net make it very clear that this is just a rumour at present, but that doesn’t mean the news hasn’t gained some steam, leading many to believe it is 100% official. However, while it sounds like an Obi-Wan TV show is a possibility (and I remain very hopeful), there is no solid news just yet.

Could it happen?


It’s entirely possible. Disney/Lucasfilm has recently wrapped filming on The Mandalorian, so an Obi-Wan show could be next on the cards – we’ll just have to wait and see.

My opinion?

In April, Star Wars Celebration 2019 will take place in Chicago. I’m pretty sure there will be a number of big announcements at the event and if an Obi-Wan show is on the cards, then this is when we’re likely to find out.

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