Last Saturday, you may recall that I geeked out – spending the day conversing and immersing myself in geek things (toys, movies etc). This Saturday has been more of the same.

Between episodes of Baywatch and What’s Up Doc? (see my previous post for details), I also found time to go on a toy hunt – one of my favourite things to do.

Today’s toy hunt involved a trip to The Entertainer; a look through Forbidden Planet; and a jaunt into Affleck’s Palace – the self-titled emporium of eclecticism, situated in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. If you’ve never taken a trip to Affleck’s Palace, but you like quirky things (fashion, music etc), then you should give it a whirl.

Amongst the many, many retailers in Affleck’s Palace is a retro toy seller who has copious amounts of old toys – mostly from the 1990s onward. The figures range from Marvel Legends and Doctor Who to Batman, The Simpsons and Star Wars, amongst others.

During this week’s trip to Affleck’s Palace, two figures in particular caught my attention – a Rahzar figure from 1991’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze; and a Toybiz Superman figure from the DC Comics Super Heroes line.

Neither figure was in perfect shape (Superman had some scuffs, Rahzar was missing a piece etc), but both were reasonably priced, so I had to snap them up. The Superman figure in particular is one I’ve wanted for a while, so I simply couldn’t resist.

And here they both are – in Pizza Hut!

Yeah, my day of toy hunting also included a quick trip to the ‘Hut’ before heading home. Hey, I needed all that pizza to fuel my return journey!

Once again, the point of this post – other than to confess to eating at Pizza Hut – is that I had fun geeking out again, something that was much needed. I also wanted to share my love for toys/toy hunting.

Oh and before I sign off, if you’re Power Rangers/Funko fan, you might like to know that classic villain, Pumpkin Rapper has now hit shelves. I didn’t add him to my collection, but should you want a Pumpkin Rapper of your own, then head to your nearest comic book store/toy shop now!

Here he is in all his glory…

And that was Saturday.

Have a great evening, folks.