Last week I published a post about the possible return of Toys R Us and how, according to reports, the retailer is set make a comeback after entering bankruptcy earlier in the year. Well, those reports are true – Toys R Us IS making a comeback…

…sort of.

By all accounts, Toys R Us mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe is coming back, but he’ll be the mascot of Geoffrey’s Toy Box – the new name for Toys R Us. So, the company is coming back, just in a slightly different way.

Taking to social media to announce the return of Geoffrey, Toys R Us, said:

“Guess who’s back? He’s been travelling across the globe for the past few months but now #GeoffreysBack and once again ready to set play free for children of all ages.”

Toys R Us

The message then continued, asking for followers to share some of their favourite memories. Oh boy, was that a bad thing to ask.

While some are happy that Toys R Us is set to return, there are many people out there – including former employees – who are rather annoyed that the company is being resurrected under a new name. Some of these employees have responded to the social media post to ask about their severance pay which they claim they were promised but never received once the retail giant closed.

Taking a look through the comments section of Toys R Us’s big announcement it is clear that this revival and re-brand has not gone down well. Possibly not the return Geoffrey was hoping for.

Is the goodwill for the brand drying up pretty quickly?