Superman actor, Henry Cavill has been cast in Netflix’s new TV series, The Witcher.

The actor broke the news via a social media post on his Instagram account.

Posting an image of his own Netflix account, with the account name altered to say Geralt of Rivia (the name of the main character in the Witcher gaming series), Cavill said:

“My new mailing address is:


“C/O Vesemir

“Kaer Morhen

“Kaer Morhen Valley



“Please note, I’m rarely there, Monster slaying being what it is. So, replies will be few and far between, if at all.”


If there was any doubt that this was official confirmation of Cavill’s casting in the new show, Netflix commented: “YAAAAAAAAAAAS! Let’s do this.”


The casting announcement comes less than a month after artist, Bosslogic mocked up images of Cavill as various computer games characters, including Geralt. The images were reposted by Cavill at the beginning of August with the following comment:

“Had to repost these gems. All of them are from Bosslogic’s account who has such a keen eye and talent for this kind of stuff. There is a capture of emotion and tone skill set there that I haven’t seen often. So, very nicely done mate! Also, it’s pretty cool to see what I would look like as Super Mario, Solid Snake and Geralt!!”


Since posting today’s news, a surprised Bosslogic commented on Cavill’s casting post with a ‘surprised eyes’ emoji. It’s likely that Bosslogic’s image helped secure Cavill the job, so I think it’s safe to say the artist deserves a pint for this one.

Netflix is yet to announce an air date for The Witcher, but Cavill’s casting suggests the project is now gaining momentum.

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