Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released the first official look of Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray. The footage is of the iconic opening sequence, which has been given a makeover into glorious high definition.

Gone are the dust specks and the faded colours of the opening titles of a 26-year-old show and in their place is a crisp, vibrant beginning for what is sure to be a fantastic new lease of life for the series. As a MASSIVE fan of Batman: The Animated Series (I wrote my university dissertation on the show), I am so pleased this series is FINALLY getting the upgrade it needs.

Just take a look at how clean it all looks…

In the US a special deluxe limited edition boxset of the series is being released with extras that include Funko Pop! figures. In the UK the special deluxe limited edition is exclusive to HMV.

Batman: The Animated Series arrives on Blu-ray at the end of October. The box set is available to pre-order on Amazon and the HMV store.