Earlier tonight I published news that the role of Batwoman has been cast for a forthcoming episode of Arrow. The actress set to take on the part of Batwoman/Kate Kane is former Orange is the New Black star, Ruby Rose – and I am very happy about this.

Over the past 6-7 years, the Arrowverse has been steadily increasing in size, from being a single show about Green Arrow to a rich, multi-faceted universe comprising countless characters, situations, worlds and time zones. And as that universe has developed, it has also increased the amount of LGBTQ+ characters that appear on our TV screens.


The Arrowverse has many LGBTQ+ characters, from Sara Lance (bisexual) and Curtis Holt (gay), to Alex Danvers (lesbian) and the soon to be introduced Dreamer (trans), who will be played by trans actress, Nicole Maines. Adding Ruby Rose into the mix to play lesbian super hero, Batwoman is fantastic.

Image: ©The CW

For far too long, the LGBTQ+ community has been under represented in super hero comics, TV shows and movies and when I say “under represented”, I mean pretty much non-existent. Sure, there’s been a character here, a reference there, but nothing like we’re now seeing on the Arrow shows.

Thanks to the Arrowverse, the LGBTQ+ community has heroes that audiences can look up to and identify with. Heroes that should have been leading the charge long, long ago.


But I’m not going to lambaste what should have been – that was then, this is now. I’m just happy that times have changed (and continue to change) and now we’re getting these heroes on our TV screens, when LGBTQ+ representation in big screen comic book movies is still severely lacking (I’m looking at you, Marvel).

I appreciate not everyone is on board. Many will claim that the producers/writers/liberals* (*please delete as applicable) are social justice warriors adding these characters as part of an agenda… or something, but those who honestly believe that are missing the point and I’m not sure I have time to explain – because I’m too busy keeping up with the Arrowverse… and the world.

The point is, these characters are here, they’re queer and thanks to the Arrowverse, they’re flying a flag that really means a great deal to a heck of a lot of people. And it’s a marvellous thing to see happening.

And long may it continue.

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