Remember last year, when there was a big fuss over the Justice League re-shoots?

Remember how Henry Cavill was unable to shave his face fuzz and this resulted in Warner Bros. Pictures having to digitally alter scenes of Superman in all newly shot footage in Justice League?

Well, there was a reason behind all this. And ultimately, that reason was a price tag.

As we all know, Cavill was midway through shooting Mission: Impossible – Fallout when he was asked to come back for some extensive re-shoots on Justice League. Unfortunately, Cavill was now sporting a rather impressive moustache for his role in Mission: Impossible (that he was forbidden to remove), so the team on Justice League had to improvise.


We were told at the time, that Cavill couldn’t shave the face furniture because it would impact shooting on the movie. Those who have seen Mission: Impossible – Fallout will now know that this is true as Cavill takes part in a number of stunts, one of which would have looked less impressive if the actor was having to constantly wrestle with his crumb catcher.

However, there was another reason that prevented Cavill from shaving and this one was due to the financial implications. Had Cavill shaved off his snot mop for Justice League it would have cost the studio an extra $3 million to digitally add it back in!

Revealing all to Empire, Mission: Impossible – Fallout director, Christopher McQuarrie, said that talks did take place between the team on Mission: Impossible and the team on Justice League but ultimately the situation had to play out the way it did. He said:

“We offered the following compromise – (Fallout producer) Jake Myers calculated the amount of money that it would take to replace the number of shots. And essentially what Jake was able to project is about a $3 million visual effects budget. So, I don’t know how much Henry was in Justice League, I’ve never seen the movie, but I can tell you how much it would have cost for Mission: Impossible to digitally add Henry Cavill’s moustache – and we said yes. We said, here’s what we’ll do – give us the $3 million and we’ll shut down, and that’ll give Henry Cavill the time to grow his moustache back.”


He added: “Somebody from Paramount Pictures said, ‘What is going on? What are you people even talking about?’ They were like, ‘There’s no way we’re going to do that, we’re not shutting down.’ So we were just like, ‘OK well that was the best plan that we could come up with.’”

So there you have it. If Cavill had shaved his lip toupée it would have cost $3 million to add it back in.

Kind of makes you wonder, how much did it cost Justice League to remove it?

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