Last week, after months of hype, DC Comics published Batman issue #50, aka the wedding of Batman & Catwoman. The book – which had been promoted as one of the big comic events of the year – was not exactly what everyone was expecting and caused a little bit of backlash.

This backlash (or Batlash) is just one of a string of backlashes in recent times. Others include the much talked about, Star Wars backlash (largely concerning The Last Jedi) and the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom backlash.

I’ve discussed the Star Wars backlash in great length before, but to sum up, lots of fans were unhappy with The Last Jedi and it has created a big backlash for the series as a whole. Two years of hype and speculation over The Last Jedi was met with disappointment and resentment when the film finally hit cinema screens.

As for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, this backlash has been less concerning, but it’s still present. To sum up: The trailers for Fallen Kingdom hyped the heck out of the movie and spoiled many, MANY scenes. When the film hit cinema screens, for some, it struggled to live up to the hype.

With all three of these examples, the end product seems to have suffered from an expectation versus reality problem. The expectations being way, way higher than the product can actually meet.

So, is the hype getting too much?

Are movie studios, publishers and other purveyors of entertainment hyping their products more than is necessary? Are we privy to a little too much of something before its release?

Let me put it another way: Should products be largely kept under wraps until they are released? Less hype, less expectation and maybe, less disappointment?

Of course, the flipside to this is that if movies and comics etc aren’t hyped, some of them may simply fall by the wayside. Some of the really good material could get missed without heavy promotion.

Hmm… genuinely interested to read everyone’s thoughts on this. I appreciate there’s no definitive answer, I merely want to sound out the issue to see if there are any positive suggestions to combat future backlashes.

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