Directed by Kevin Macdonald, Whitney is a feature-length docufilm about the late singer, Whitney Houston. The movie includes never-before-seen footage, original interviews and archive material to paint a portrait of the signer’s life.

Whitney hits UK and US cinema screens this Friday, which means, yes you guessed it, the reviews are now online. Want to know what’s being said? Of course you do!

Here’s what the critics have said about Whitney:

  • Geoffrey Macnab of the Independent awarded Whitney four stars (out of five) and said: “a disconcerting film to watch, joyous and grim by turns.” He added: “Macdonald’s approach is conventional. This is a documentary full of talking heads. It is also very well researched and full of revealing archive material.”
  • Olly Richards of NME also awarded Whitney four stars (out of five) and said: “Whitney is a powerful reminder of just what an incredible pop star Houston was, and a sensitive and shocking examination of a life that was far from perfect.”
  • Another four star review, this time from Empire‘s Terri White, who said: “A sobering, haunting but completely fresh look at Whitney’s life and death that will reframe everything you think you know about the singer.”
  • Ann Hornaday of The Washington Post gave Whitney three stars and said: “Kevin Macdonald’s documentary that portrays Houston as an artist, a cultural phenomenon and, in the end, a victim of unscrupulous and abusive family members as well as a trainwreck-addicted tabloid culture.”
  • And finally, Jay Cridlin of the Tampa Bay Times, said: “Even in the film’s most sobering moments, you can’t erase from your memory the indelible images of 21-year-old Houston beaming, dancing and belting out those still-unmatched vocal runs. It’s enough to make you want to dig out your old copies of her first two albums and remember how, for a time, she seemed like the best singer pop music would ever produce. Whitney makes a compelling case she still is.”

So, fairly positive reviews from these snippets. Will you be off to see Whitney this week? If you do go and see it, share your thoughts.

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