Today, Batman issue #50 arrives in comic book shops and digital stores. The much publicised issue is largely known as the Wedding Issue as it concerns the marriage of Batman and Catwoman.

Batman issue #50 is a bumper edition, which not only features more pages for your buck, but also a wealth of gorgeous artwork from some of the best Batman artists in the business.

So, is it any good?

Hmm… well, this all depends on what you’re expecting from the issue, but before I give my two cents, I suppose I should answer one very pressing, very spoiler-filled question…



Do Batman and Catwoman get married in Batman #50?

Batman Catwoman marriage
Image: ©DC Comics

No, they do not. At the end of Batman issue #50, Batman is stood up by Catwoman and the wedding does not go ahead.

The reason for the no-show is because Catwoman decides that marrying Batman would ultimately stop him from being the sort of hero he is. The happiness and life they could create together would change the path he is on and this would stop him being Batman.



Is Batman issue #50 good?

Right, so that’s what happened, now let’s talk shop – was this book any good?

As mentioned above, you may not like this book if you were banking on Batsy and Catwoman tying the knot. The fact that they don’t after such a big build-up (and a lot of online chatter/press etc) may leave you feeling rather disappointed.

For my money, I’m kind of glad the marriage didn’t go ahead – not that I thought it would anyway. Seeing Batman married just didn’t seem to fit in with the way the character is presented, unless this was set to be a final Batman tale that is.

Batman and Catwoman aren’t like Superman and Lois Lane. Sure, they’re kind of destined to be together, but not in quite the same way, so it made more sense for them not to get married than to actually get married.

As for the specifics of the marriage, well they were ropey at best anyway, as this wouldn’t have been a huge event filled with pomp and circumstance. The plan was for Batman and Catwoman to get hitched on a rooftop, surrounding by a drunk judge to officiate and Alfred as the sole witness.

There are of course many reasons why this kind of ceremony wouldn’t stick – or be legal – but as this is a comic book I would have been fine to let it slide. As the wedding didn’t happen the specifics don’t really matter now anyway.

So Batman and Catwoman didn’t get married and I’m OK with that. I’m OK with it for the reason stated above, but also because this is a beautiful book to look at.

The artwork on display takes readers down memory lane to recall the looks of yesteryear for both Batman and Catwoman. Different art styles, different costumes and even a nods and winks to past creative teams.

The art sold me on this book and I enjoyed the journey far more than any resolution could have presented. This felt like an event book, even if it was slightly anti-climactic and kind of mirrored a recent non-wedding that took place over in issue #30 of Marvel’s X-Men: Gold.



The moments

Image: ©DC Comics

Outside of the artwork, the book served up two key moments.

The first was a touching moment when Batman asked Alfred to be his witness. He picked Alfred over Dick Grayson or anyone else from the Bat-family as in his eyes his crusade has always been about himself and Alfred.

This moment led to a hug, which felt perfectly placed in the story and something we don’t see all too often in Batman stories. In fact, I’m trying to recall a time when I ever saw Batman and Alfred hug.

Still thinking…

The other key moment was at the conclusion of the issue, with the revelation that Bane, Joker and various villains are clubbing together to take on Batman. I really hope this turns into a huge sprawling story, something along the lines of Knightfall or No Man’s Land – I really want to see a huge Batman tale kick off from this issue.

Not everyone will be a fan, but Batman issue #50 is a decent book and one that every Bat-fan should pick up. It might not be the Bat-book everyone wants, but it’s the Bat-book we deserve.

Batman issue #50 is on sale now.

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