Indiana Jones 5 will no longer be released in July 2020 – it’s been delayed.

According to Variety, the script has yet to be signed off so production won’t begin in 2019. The movie may be pushed back a couple of months, it may be even longer.

Director Steven Spielberg and star Harrison Ford are still said to be committed to the project, but that doesn’t mean things will get back on track any time soon. Spielberg has a couple of projects in the pipeline, including a remake of West Side Story, so that may get in the way of Indy 5.


To be fair, did anyone really think Indiana Jones 5 was going to arrive on time? The fourth entry took a VERY long time to hit cinema screens so this one was never going to be plain sailing.

Perhaps the most important question here is, are you still interested in a fifth Indiana Jones movie? Thoughts in the comments section please.