Will Disney buy 21st/20th Century Fox? Will Comcast scupper Disney’s plans?

As both companies go back-and-forth trying to outbid the other for control of Fox’s portfolio of properties, these are the two questions that many are asking.

So, do we finally have a definitive answer?

Sadly, not yet.

However, something VERY IMPORTANT has just happened, which is good news for Disney.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The U.S. Department of Justice has given approval for the Walt Disney/21st Century Fox merger to go ahead. So, if a deal can be agreed between Disney and Fox, then the Mouse House will be able to add a huge array of properties to its entertainment division.

There is one stipulation – Disney must sell Fox’s regional sports networks to avoid creating a sports monopoly when coupled with Disney’s ESPN. Not surprisingly, Disney has agreed to this stipulation.

So, plain sailing from here on out then?

Not quite.

Disney still needs to sort out a few other regulatory conditions, plus Comcast could chuck in another last minute bid to seize control.

The game is still very much in session.