Earlier this evening I posted a review round-up for Ocean’s 8 – the next instalment in the Ocean’s movie series. Well, now it’s time for yet more movie reviews, this time for The Incredibles 2 – the long-awaited sequel to Pixar’s 2004 super hero movie, The Incredibles.

The review embargo is still in place for The Incredibles 2, but some early reactions have now started to arrive on Twitter. Below are five of these early reactions, which should give you an indication of what to expect when the movie hits cinema screens.


Oh and just so you’re aware, the movie is released in the US this month, but in the UK The Incredibles 2 doesn’t arrive until July.

Here are some of those initial reactions…

  • Steve Weintraub of Collider said: “So happy to report @BradBirdA113 delivered a fantastic sequel to ‘The Incredibles‘. Absolutely loved #Incredibles2. And @m_giacchino score is, as always, awesome. Can’t wait to see it again.”
  • Drew Taylor of Moviefone, said: “It would surprise no one that #Incredibles2 is a flat out masterpiece – thrilling, moving and impeccably designed. Worth every second of the 14 year wait.”
  • Mike Ryan of Uproxx, said: “Hey, 14 years was worth the wait! Incredibles 2 is a whole lot of fun. (I also love that like half the cast of BETTER CALL SAUL do voices in the movie.) People who loved the first movie will be pleased.”
  • The praise continued from Erik Davis of Fandango, who said: “Time for some good news! #Incredibles2 is fantastic! Sweet, hilarious, and terrific pacing w/ a breezy story packed w/ action & heart. Adored it and the short #Bao before it. My favourite summer movie so far this season.”
  • And finally, Eric Eisenberg of Cinemablend said: “Wow!! #Incredibles2 is a blast. It does a great job building on the characters and the world, and it’s super funny and action packed throughout. I had my doubts, but was thoroughly impressed. Will go down as one of the best titles of the summer.”

So, there we have it – the initial social media reactions are extremely positive. Usually I’d say take these initial reactions with a pinch of salt, but I think on this occasion you can just go ahead and presume this is a great movie!



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