I appreciate that for many people this week, the arrival of the new Han Solo movie is taking up all of their spare thoughts. To be fair, the movie’s imminent arrival is taking up a number of my spare thoughts too – mostly because I’ve yet to figure out when I’m going to see it!

It’ll happen. It’ll happen.

But Solo aside, the thing I’m most excited for this week is the debut of the next four episodes of The Toys That Made Us. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this to land on Netflix on Friday.


Image: ©Netflix/The Toys That Made Us

When the first four episodes of The Toys That Made Us dropped at Christmas, I couldn’t get through them fast enough. Not only were they informative, but they were also so entertaining!

The Barbie episode was easily my favourite – who knew that the doll making business could be so ruthless? – but in all honesty, each episode was as good as the next. So good in fact, that I’ve already re-watched them all.

Heading into these next four episodes I’m expecting more of the same, only this time with insights into Transformers, Star Trek, LEGO and Hello Kitty!

Yep, I want to know about Hello Kitty!

I knew nothing about Barbie while watching the Barbie episode and yet I loved it, so why wouldn’t the Hello Kitty episode leave me with the same reaction?

*Checks time & date*

Jeez, is it still only Tuesday?

If like me, the wait for new episodes of The Toys That Made Us is killing you – figuratively speaking, not literally – then maybe this short clip from the The Toys That Made Us’ Twitter account will help relieve the wait. OK, so the clip is only 40 seconds long, but that’s 40 seconds nearer to Friday at the very least!



*Checks time and date again*

Yeah, this is going to be a long week.

Maybe I should re-watch the first four episodes again? Maybe there was something I missed in the Star Wars episode.

Maybe I should just go outside and get some fresh air.

*Puts on Netflix and cues up the Star Wars episode of The Toys That Made Us*