So, I’ve not long got back from watching Deadpool 2 – the latest entry in what has become a very long and slightly confusing series of X-Men movies. Seriously, when this franchise began in 2000 did anyone ever expect the series to last this long, include this amount of characters and produce two Deadpool movies?

And of those two Deadpool movies, which is the best?

Well, for my money, Deadpool 2. I genuinely LOVED this follow-up to Deadpool.


I appreciate that not everyone will love it as much as me, or even like it more than the first and here’s the reason why – this film feels more like a comic book movie. In fact, Deadpool 2 is arguably the most comic book-y movie of the entire run of X-Men films.

Whereas the first was effectively a paper-thin origin story, held together by many, many great gags, Deadpool 2 feels like a proper film, fleshed out with a stronger premise, a lot more references to the comics and countless in-jokes to the series as a whole. I think this might actually put some people off.


The first film felt like something that everyone could join in on, without any real knowledge of the X-Universe as the jokes made it endlessly re-watchable. This time around, I feel you’ll come away from the movie having had a better experience if you’re a.) you’re familiar with the previous movies and b.) you’re a fan of the X-Men comics.

Is this a bad thing? Heck, no! There’s so much in this movie to like – and to talk about!

Before I get onto all the geek-out moments (of which there are many), I’ll highlight the story which this time around sees Deadpool pitted against the time-displaced mutant known as Cable. During the course of the film, Deadpool has to stop Cable from killing a potentially dangerous mutant, that just happens to be a child.

That’s pretty much the crux of Deadpool 2, but the real story is about how Deadpool grows as a character. There’s heartache along the way, including the death of DP’s girlfriend, Vanessa, and then there’s the formation of X-Force.


Right, first let’s deal with the one thing I was annoyed with – the death of Vanessa. I was not happy when she died.

Vanessa was a strong character in Deadpool and one I wanted to see more of, so when she was bumped off fairly early into Deadpool 2 I was frustrated she’d been written out so quickly. As the film continued, even though I knew Vanessa’s death served a purpose, I was still annoyed that she was being used as a plot device.

This situation was kind of resolved during one of the credit scenes, with Deadpool going back in time to prevent her death. This brief scene allowed Deadpool to retain his character growth, while giving Vanessa a life line.

A lucky save… ish.

Image: 20th Century Fox

OK, so that was my quibble, now onto the good stuff!

Where to start?

Let’s talk comic book stuff. Deadpool 2 was LOADED with X-Men references, from Mojoworld and Essex House (yet another movie nod to Mister Sinister) to Hope Summers and a taxi cab sign mentioning Alpha Flight! Stan Lee received a cameo – albiet via some graffiti on a wall – as did the current iteration of the X-Men.

I did not expect to see the X-Men in this movie. I was pleasantly surprised when they popped up.

OK, so X-Force were a bit of a let down…but it was still fun to see them, right? Maybe if they hadn’t of appeared in the trailers it would have been a better gag.

Favourite member of X-Force? Had to be the Vanisher and yes he IS a real comic book character. Although he has no connection to Brad Pitt… just in case you were wondering.


Black Tom was kind of pointless, but it’s not like he is a great comic book character anyway. Juggernaut – the real surprise of the movie – was much better and his inclusion made up for the lame Vinnie Jones take on Juggernaut that we had to put up with in X-Men: The Last Stand.

In addition to the above, there were the various in-jokes to the MCU, the DCEU and Ryan Reynolds’ career (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Green Lantern etc), all of which were just plain fun. The James Bond opening was superb and Cable and Domino were so cool.

Waaaay beyond cool.


I would happily watch another Deadpool movie with more Cable and more Domino. Lots more.

But that of course is where I feel a spot of sadness about this movie, because the likelihood is that we won’t get to see more Cable and Domino. With Disney pretty much set to take over things next year, then this is pretty much the end of the Deadpool movies.

I’ve posted before about how much I am going to miss the X-Men movie universe, but I’ll say it again – I’m really going to miss the X-Men movie universe. Movies such as Deadpool 2, Logan, Deadpool and X-Men: Days of Future Past have really raised the game for this movie series and I feel like there’s so much more to see.

I know that Disney/Marvel Studios will do a great job with the X-Men, but I feel like Deadpool 2 has placed more irons into the fire and I really want to see them play out!

I want to see Mister Sinister!

I want Cable to meet Cyclops!

I want to know if Deadpool saving Hope Summers has some even greater significance in the future!

Ah, heck, I really just want to see more from Domino.

Images: ©20th Century Fox

Will Deadpool 2 be for everyone?


Some will not like it. Some will say ‘it’s good, but it’s not as good as the first one’.

Both of these are valid opinions if that’s how you truly feel, but for me, I LOVED DEADPOOL 2! I love the X-Men movie franchise and I really hope that the next two X-Men movies (Dark Phoenix and New Mutants) bring Fox’s movie series to a satisfying conclusion.

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