If I was to ask you, who is Batman?

You’d probably tell me he’s a fictional super hero created by Bob Kane & Bill Finger. You’d then go on to tell me that Batman made his debut in 1939 and has been fighting crime for almost 80 years.

Failing that you’d tell me that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

You might even tell me that Kevin Conroy is Batman, because well… let’s be honest… he is!

But on this occasion you’d be wrong on all accounts.

Don’t believe me? Then maybe you should check out a certain speech given by Michael Keaton at Kent State University which should hopefully clear things up once and for all.

Yes, the same Michael Keaton who played Batman in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992).

Keaton Batman

Over the weekend, Keaton was asked to address the Class of 2018 at the Kent State University commencement ceremony. Keaton proceeded to give his speech, then signed off with two simple words, reminding everyone just exactly who he is.

He said: “I’m Batman.”

Cleveland Dot Com captured the moment, which you can watch below.

Posting via social media, Cleveland Dot Com captioned the video with the following: “On Saturday, Oscar-nominated Actor Michael Keaton delivered the 2018 Kent State University commencement address and received an honorary degree from his alma mater. He wrapped up his remarks with 2 words. The crowd went crazy.”

During the course of his speech (via Kent State University), Keaton also handed out some sage advice. He said: “Be respectful. Respect yourself. Always think of the other guy, as my mom used to say. Be thoughtful. Honour decency. And fellas, be a gentleman. Be generous. Be fair. Be courageous. Be yourself.”

All wise words that we’d expect from the Caped Crusader, right?

So, once again, who is Batman?