Lucasfilm has announced details of Star Wars Celebration 2019 – hurrah!

The huge fan event, which brings together all different aspects of the Star Wars Saga (the movies, the cartoons, the books etc) will return next year for Celebration number 13. Lucasfilm did not run an event in 2018, so expect Star Wars Celebration 2019 to include a big focus on Episode IX, as well as any as-yet-unannounced Star Wars movies.

If you’ve ever been to a Star Wars Celebration, or you’ve watched one of Lucasfilm’s live streams of the event, then you’ll know this is a massive celebration for Star Wars lovers. The show is regularly attended by the crème de la crème of Star Wars, with past guests including George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Hayden Christensen, Daisy Ridley and many, many more.

Sounds like your kind of thing? Then check out all the details below regarding the event…

Star Wars

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

Where is Star Wars Celebration 2019 taking place?

Star Wars Celebration 2019 is taking place at McCormick Place, in Chicago, Illinois. McCormick Place is a premier convention centre in North America, situated just a few minutes from downtown Chicago.

This is the first time that Star Wars Celebration has been held at McCormick Place. In 2017 the event was held in Orlando, while in 2016 Star Wars Celebration Europe took place at ExCeL London.

And that’s something worth noting if you can’t afford to travel to Star Wars Celebration 2019 – the event changes locations with each Celebration, in order to bring Star Wars to as many fans as possible.

When does Star Wars Celebration 2019 take place?

Star Wars Celebration 2019 runs for five days, from April 11th until April 15th – so yes, you may need to book some time off work. There’s no official release schedule of what will be the focus of each day, but expect a heap of top guests, a bunch of informative panels and a lot of fun.

What guests are appearing at Star Wars Celebration 2019?

As of yet, no guests have been announced, but as mentioned above the guests for a Star Wars Celebration are usually BIG names running from producers and directors through to the actors and writers. Star Wars covers so many different platforms that chances are, if you’re a Star Wars fan, there will be various guests you will be interested in.

One thing to bear in mind, next year sees the release of Star Wars: Episode IX – a film Lucasfilm/Disney will be keen to promote at Star Wars Celebration 2019. The likelihood is the event will include some of the stars of the movie.

When do tickets for Star Wars Celebration 2019 go on sale?

Tickets for Star Wars Celebration 2019 go on sale on June 5th at noon CST (Central Standard Time) – so mark it in your diary!

Can I watch Star Wars Celebration 2019 if I can’t attend?

You bet! Lucasfilm regularly stream the event for fans around the world, via the official Star Wars YouTube channel. The stream is live throughout the course of the event, with some streams lasting five or six hours at a time!

Here is one of the (shorter) videos from Star Wars Celebration 2017, discussing 40 years of Star Wars. As you will see, the video not only covers the entire ’40 Years of Star Wars Panel’, but also features many of those big name guests I mentioned above.

Watching the live streams isn’t the same as appearing at the event, but it’s damn close! So if you can’t afford to travel to Chicago, then open up YouTube, clear your diary and watch the events of the show unfold – it’s really that simple.

Where can I find out more information about Star Wars Celebration 2019?

For further information about Star Wars Celebration 2019, or to sign up for the official event newsletter, check out the Star Wars Celebration website.

And now you know!