Earlier in the week, the future of hit TV show, Lethal Weapon was thrown into doubt with the firing of lead actor, Clayne Crawford. Many were shocked to see the actor dropped from the show, while others worried this would be the end for the series.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Lethal Weapon has been thrown a lifeline and WILL return for a third season. Warner Bros. Television has given the go-ahead for another year, so the show will make its comeback later in 2018.

Of course, this does leave one pesky little problem – what’s happening about the Clayne Crawford situation? Well, it is official, Crawford has been let go from the series.

And a replacement has been found.

American Pie actor, Seann William Scott has been cast as Crawford’s replacement. The actor – known to a generation as Stifler – will team-up with Damon Wayans as the show’s new co-lead.

Seann William Scott

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scott will not be taking over as Riggs, he will instead become a new partner to Detective Murtaugh. It’s being suggested – but not confirmed – that he will play Riggs’ brother.

Fox Entertainment President, Michael Thorn, said: “Seann is a fantastic addition to this already amazing cast.” He added: “Lethal Weapon is packed with action, drama and pure fun and we can’t wait to see Damon and Seann together on screen.”