A couple of days ago I posted news that ticket pre-sales for Solo: A Star Wars Story were looking good – in fact, they were looking very good, suggesting there is a real interest for this movie. Well, now it looks like there’s even more good news on the horizon – Lucasfilm/Disney are to lift the review embargo on Solo a little earlier than expected.

When will the review embargo lift on Solo?

According to Screen Rant, the movie review embargo will lift on Tuesday May 15th – one week from today! This is also over a week before the movie hits cinema screens… and that’s the most important thing to note.


Because this move demonstrates that Lucasfilm & Disney have a certain degree of confidence in the finished film, suggesting it won’t be the misstep that some fear. If the film was as bad as some believe then the embargo would remain in place until the very last minute (aka the day before its release).

What’s so important about a review embargo?

I’ve previously published a whole post about review embargoes, how they work and how they potentially help you gauge the critical response to a movie, so if you want further details then check out my post. However, to summarise: If a studio has a bad movie on its hands then said movie will stay locked away from criticism until the 11th hour.

Does this mean Solo: A Star Wars Story will be good?

Lifting the review embargo early doesn’t necessarily mean the movie will be amazing, or even that good, but it is a positive sign. Lucasfilm tend to keep their Star Wars movies under wraps for quite some time, so this does suggest the studio is ready for the world to see Solo. I guess we’ll find out in a week’s time.

And while we await the critical response, check out this awesome poster that has been released to promote Solo in Japan.

Solo poster

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney