This Saturday, Eurovision returns for yet another night of madcap performances, colourful characters and misjudged comedy (there might even be a bit of singing thrown in too). But do you know who is representing the UK this year?

You don’t?!

How do you expect us to win if you don’t even know who is representing the UK in Saturday’s live show?

What do you mean ‘we won’t win’?

Do I have to remind you of our past glories? Do I need to talk about Katrina and the Waves?

Right then.

This year the event is being held in Lisbon and the artist representing the UK for Eurovision 2018 is SuRie. The classically trained singer-song writer is a graduate from the Royal Academy of Music and won the opportunity to represent the UK after taking part in this year’s edition of BBC Eurovision: You Decide.

SuRie – an abbreviation of Susanna Marie – will be performing the track, Storm. Will Storm be this year’s winner? You’ll have to tune into BBC One on Saturday 12th May to find out.