A few years ago, my friends and I took part in a weekly themed activity night. Each week for three years, we’d set out one night a week where we’d all get together for a few hours of fun.

Theme Nights were budget-friendly affairs, designed to offer a mix of food, games and entertainment and most importantly, a break from the real world. Over the course of five special posts (this is post Number 3), I’m going to talk about some of our Theme Nights, explaining what they were all about, with a few photos (captured at the time) to illustrate the events.

Today’s Theme Night is…

The Movie Game Night (which originally took place on 4th March 2015)

 Movie Game Night 1

This theme was inspired by an old Children’s BBC TV show called The Movie Game – a gameshow all about movies! Playing in teams, the object of the game was to answer movie-related trivia in order to advance around a game board (set out like a film roll).

Using this idea as the central premise of the night, our The Movie Game Night recreated the game board scenario (on the cheap) and added a special prize for the winner – a screening of their favourite movie at the end of the game. The game and the movie, along with some food in between, provided plenty of entertainment for this particular Theme Night and remains one of my favourite Theme Nights of all three years.

And now for the disclaimer: I don’t work for the BBC or anyone involved with the original version of The Movie Game – which was an awesome show. This game was recreated as a one-off, simply for fun.

Movie Game Night 2So, how did The Movie Game Night work?

The Movie Game was pretty simple to play, but did require a fair bit of prep work ahead of the night. The biggest task was creating a series of floor tiles that could make up the game board, however this game also required many, many movie-themed questions and three mini-challenges.

The main game: Taking it in turns (after an initial coin toss), the teams had to answer questions in order to progress across the board. If they answered the question correctly, they were able to progress one tile. If they answered incorrectly, they had to remain where they were.

Along the way, players landed on special mini-game tiles, which allowed everyone to step away from the game board to take part in special challenges. These challenges were also movie-related and included an observation round, a word search etc. The winners of the mini-challenges were allowed to progress three spaces forward.

Movie Game Night 3.jpg

The tiles: The tiles were simply bits of card, crudely designed to resemble individual frames from a movie roll. Some of the tiles included a number (ranging from 1 – 30), while some were reserved for mini-game challenges.

The finale tile was set out with an Academy Award prop, as well as some popcorn. The winning team of this game got to choose their favourite movie, which turned out to be the 1989 film, Teen Witch.

This Theme Night took a fair bit of preparation to set up, but was a heap of fun to create and play and was really cheap to make. Seriously, does it look like I spent much money on this?

As with the previous two entries in this series: Batman Night and Watch Your Own Wednesday Night, I hope these insights into our old Theme Nights demonstrate what can be achieved with next-to-no budget.

I hope you feel inspired.