A few years ago, my friends and I took part in a weekly themed activity night. Each week for three years, we’d set out one night a week where we’d all get together for a few hours of fun.

Theme Nights were budget-friendly affairs, designed to offer a mix of food, games and entertainment and most importantly, a break from the real world. Every week, the themes would rotate, sometimes taking the form of simple topics (Film Night, Quiz Night etc) and sometimes being a little more elaborate (Deal or No Deal Night, The Crystal Maze Night etc).

Over the course of five special posts (this is post Number 2), I’m going to talk about some of our Theme Nights, explaining what they were all about, with a few photos (captured at the time) to illustrate the events.

Today’s Theme Night is…

Watch Your Own Wednesday (which originally took place on 25th February 2015)

Watch Your Own Wednesday Night 1

In the UK during the 1990s, TV channel Nickelodeon regularly aired a special feature called Watch Your Own Wednesday. The feature was designed to give viewers the opportunity to choose what shows would air on Nick that day, via the use of an on-air poll.

For our Watch Your Own Wednesday Theme Night, I employed a similar tactic, presenting my friends with the chance to shape the evening’s entertainment through a small selection of classic Nick shows. I then added a Nickelodeon-themed quiz to their chosen programmes to enhance the theme of the night.

Watch Your Own Wednesday Night 2So, how did the night work?

A few days prior to the evening I sent each of my friends a list of shows and asked them to pick three from the choices laid out. The choices were: Rugrats or The Wild Thornberrys; Sister, Sister or Kenan & Kel; and Round the Twist or Are You Afraid of the Dark? – all shows that originally aired on the UK version of Nickelodeon. I then asked my friends to send me their choices via a private message, so I could tally up the scores (in secret) and line up the programmes accordingly.

On the night, I presented the first show (Rugrats) then served up some food – which for this night was burger and fries (the sort of food we would have eaten after school during the ’90s).

Once we had eaten I played show number two (Kenan & Kel) followed by a special Nick-themed quiz that I had put together for the night. The 30-minute quiz was pretty simple stuff and consisted mostly of questions about old Nick shows.

With the quiz completed (and a Nick-themed prize handed out) we then moved onto show number three (Are You Afraid of the Dark?) in order to complete the night.

All-in-all, with food, the quiz and the three shows, the Watch Your Own Wednesday theme lasted a good couple of hours and was a great deal of nostalgia-filled fun. It was also one of the simplest Theme Nights we ever undertook.

I hope you feel inspired.